'American Idol' results: Top 4 revealed

On tonight's American Idol, we will discover who the Top 4 is going to be. And Lady Gaga is performing!

First up, the Top 5 sing a Sinatra medley, and much of is loads better than last night's performances (thought admittedly, there is some lip syncing going on tonight).


Next week is "Songs of the Cinema" with mentor Jamie Foxx. Interesting.

We get a quick look at what Tuesdays are like for the contestants. Some of it is boring (Lee and Mike really like when there are burritos for breakfast, yawn); some of it is interesting (like the fact that there are judge stand-ins during the dress rehearsal who are made up to look like the real judges).


Results: Lee DeWyze stands up and Ryan leads him to the center of the stage. After a whole lot of talking, we learn he is safe. That was a given, right?

Then we get Lady Gaga. It's very avant garde, with modern dance and a smoke machine and crazy costumes (a fishnet bodysuit that also covers her face? OK.). Oh, and my personal favorite: actual singing and piano playing! 

Harry Connick Jr. apparently made such an impression that we get a whole segment of him joking with the contestants during the mentorship. I think his incessant joking made some of them a little uncomfortable. Then he performs on the Idol stage, after which, the Top 5 join him on stage for a medley of his songs.

Oh, right. Results. Crystal Bowersox has to go to the left side of the stage. Michael Lynche has to go to the right side. Aaron Kelly joins Mike, and Casey James  joins Crystal. Ryan asks Lee if he had to choose who is safe, would he. He says no. Mike and Aaron are the bottom two.

Aaron Kelly is going home, and Mike is safe. They share a long hug, and Mike gives him some words of comfort that we can't quite hear.

On his way out, Aaron sings "Fly me to the Moon."

What do you think of the results?

(Photo of Harry and Ryan by Michael Becker/Fox)