On tonight's American Idol, we will learn which two singers will be in the finals. I'm predicting Lee and Crystal because I don't think it was a great night for Casey (thanks in part to a horrible [for Casey] judges' choice song).

To start out, Ryan Seacrest talks with the finalists about whether they really want to win and what it's like to be in this stage of the competition. It's very subdued and kind of real compared with the artifice that usually packs this show, especially the results show. But it's also, like much of this season, not that exciting.


First up, we get to see the final three make their hometown visits. Casey James goes home to Texas, first to DFW, then to his little hometown of Cool, Texas. He signs some lady's dog, but we also get a cut to what looks like duct tape spelling out "Hi Simon" on the side of a horse. What? How is that going to come off without hurting the horse? Among other places, he revisits the hospital where the doctors and nurses "put my arm back together" and "saved my life." I can't lie; it makes me cry. Then he performs in Richardson, Texas. It looks like a long, crazy day.

Next, Ryan talks with Perez Hilton, who discovered and championed the next performer, Travis Garland. Perez says he's better than Justin Timberlake; he's not.

Next up, Crystal Bowersox goes home to Ohio. She signs some dude, who tells her he is going to get it tattooed on his chest. She goes to a Fox station, performs in Toledo and goes home to have a barbecue with her family. Then another performance, this time at "Bowerstock." How overwhelming must this be? We also get to hear one of her original songs, something called "Holy Toledo," and she cries talked with Ryan about it.

Then Lee heads to Chicago for some of the same -- TV, parade, performance, hugs, baseball pitches, elementary school visits. He goes to visit the paint store where we've been reminded a few times that he used to work, and he is totally overcome with emotion.

Then we get a performance from Justin Bieber. I'm female, so does this mean I am contractually obligated to squeal or something? Just asking.

At long last, results: The first person safe is Lee DeWyze. And the second finalist is Crystal Bowersox. Which means Casey James is going home.

For his goodbye song, Casey sings "Daughters," even though it didn't go over well last night. What about the other one? Oh, well. Toward the end, he sings with a little girl in his lap. Aww, a sweet goodbye.

A Lee-Crystal finale. It was pretty much inevitable, right?