Here are more of your responses to the questions below:

1. Is it too soon to consider the Orioles' 2010 season a lost cause? Why or why not?


2. What should the team do with Dave Trembley? Is it too early to fire the Orioles manager?

1. It is definitely too early to call it a season. Too many things can happen, and it is still April. If the Orioles win 12 out of 15 over the next two weeks, the season is completely different. Teams like the Rockies have proven that you can rebound from a miserable start, get hot, and be successful. The starting pitching has been very encouraging, minus Brad Bergesen, and one would figure that the bats will soon come around and Roberts and others will be back as well.


2. The Orioles should keep Trembley and he should continue to hold their feet to the fire.

There is still plenty of time for this to be an exciting season. But they lose another 14 of 16 or it's really over.

Rusty Payne, 36 years old

McLean, Virginia

I would not yet consider the 2010 season a lost cause. This season the Orioles can really start to concentrate on getting players like Brian Matusz and Matt Wieters a feel for the major leagues. Matt Wieters can continue to work with the young pitchers so they can trust each other. Jake Arrieta and Zach Britton can really get a chance to perfect their pitches and not get rushed into the major leagues. A big problem that the Orioles have had this year has been lack of hitting and since there is no chance of the Orioles making the playoffs, they should bring up guys like Rhyne Hughes and Scott Moore since Atkins and Izturis would not be big losses in a season that is already over. Plus we can show off the prospects to other teams so that they can be trade bait for a big bat or a pitcher. So even though the Orioles have no chance at making the playoffs, this season is not a lost cause and the Orioles have many things to build upon.

I think that Dave Trembley is a nice guy, but he does not seem to be able to get the message to the players. I understand that he is a very positive guy and I think that is a good quality to have in a manager, but I think that this team needs a hard-nosed manager that will really get in your face. So I think that if the Orioles record does not improve in the next month it will be time to look for a new manager. I would maybe keep Trembley with the team, but I do not think that he has done a good job managing this team. He has been given enough chances and has not been able to produce wins with this team so it is time for him to go.

Chris Trenkle

Age 14

North Carolina

John Burke



This problem is beyond Dave Trembly and Andy McPhail.

Look up the article the sun published last year about the spring training facilities. How can a major league club have facilities like that?

Shame on Peter Angelos and shame on mlb for letting Kansas city, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, etc get away with spending nothing to even try to compete!

I love baseball and I love the orioles (except for angelos and eli jacobs, where this bs started).

MLB needs to take a page from the NFL.

MLB stand up to the MLBPA and the Stienbrenner family or you will join boxing and horse racing as sports that used to matter in this Country.

As I write this I am watching the NFL draft. IT'S NOT EVEN A GAME!

Steve, good luck with your project. I wonder how many people really care anymore? I really wish I did. MLB is BROKEN!


I'm Dan Collins, age 47, I live in Baltimore City.

1. Is it too soon to consider the 2010 Orioles season a lost cause? Why or why not?

Depends on what you mean by a lost cause. If the cause is to win the pennant, heck yeah. If the cause is to reach .500...well, probably. If the cause is to just play .500 baseball for the rest of the year, then no, I don't think it's a lost cause and here's why.

I've been watching the Orioles intently since 1979, so for over 30 years, and the key to success has always been two things...pitching and defense. 1989's team is a great example. Who was the big hitter? Cal? Brady? Larry Sheets?? But the had an outfield of Devereaux, Finley and Bradley and Brady and any ball that wasn't hit out of the park was generally caught. And we had pitching. Jeff Ballard had a career season, won 18 games, didn't come close before, never did later. Olson cracked curveballs that would have brought tears of envy to Bert Blyleven's eyes. They got men OUT. You do that, you are in EVERY GAME. You don't, you're beat. So what about this year's team? The starting pitching is there...whodahthunk that? The defense is there...or can be there, would be there if we didn't keep having players like our starting third baseman, starting second baseman et al end up on the disabled list. We just need to get everybody healthy. And MacPhail needs to find an Eddie Murray to spark the team so that the pitchers don't get fed up...and we haven't had an Eddie Murray since...well, Eddie Murray.

2. What should the Orioles do with Dave Trembley? Is it too soon to fire the Orioles manager?

It may be too soon to fire Dave Trembley, but frankly, I'd be considering it. I was a fan of Dave when he was named manager as I thought, from his look and demeanor, he was going to be an Earl Weaver type...that is, tough, no nonsense, don't want to hear about how your freakin' trapezius muscle, get out there and pitch kind of guy. Turns out he was...well, nice. Not saying nice guys finish last, but nice guys are often not the best motivators. Take Patton for instance, and I don't mean Troy. You wouldn't find General Patton singing Kumbaya. This team continues to make bonehead mistakes, lacks fire...I see guys smiling and cutting up in the dugout when they're looking at 2-11...2-12...2-13...2-14. I'm not saying they should look like they're at a funeral, but they should be focused, determined, and taking what they do damn seriously. We're not seeing that. And I'm sorry, that comes from the top. That's the manager's job and if he's not doing it, you get someone who can, end of line. So what's Earl been up to these days?

1. It is still early but there is not much hope for this team competing this year. As a Baltimorean spoiled by the successes of the Ravens I would love to see the Orioles reach .500. There are a lot of young players that show hope for a future success but Trembly has wasted his opportunity to cash in on this young talent. Yes we have had injuries but so does a lot of teams. We haven't had to many free agent busts because we haven't gotten any big free agents. You live or die by the youth movement and despite all the hype they are in one heck of a slump.

2. As much as I was thinking that Trembly would last till at least the all-star break I think that he has lost the team. I think the Orioles will need to let him go. Whatever he is using to motivate the Orioles is not working. I would say that the O's could get rid of him at any time but who is going to replace him? All the coaches are part of the Trembly regime. I think the O's should have cut him at the end of the season especially after the team totally quit on him. And even with a new manager the thoughts of the O's reaching .500 this season is dismal at best. The only thing that has me smiling (which is probably me being delirious) is thinking back to the '88 season when the O's started 0-21. We had the signing of the birth of Camden Yards and the following season we came close to the playoffs but it was an great "Why Not?" ride.

Hope this helps.





Trembley has to go. This shouldn't be a debate at this point, and frankly it shouldn't have been a question last season either. So, no, it isn't too soon.

Under his "leadership," this team has made a habit of playing uninspired baseball. They drop fly balls, fail to communicate in the field, allow veterans to jog out groundballs, and continually butcher the basepaths. Trembley has been preaching a focus on fundamentals for three years, yet night after night, we give away runs at the plate and in the field because of a complete lack of fundamentals. Am I the only one who thinks that if you have been working on something for three years, you should be fairly good at it by now?

Also on display every night is Trembley's impressive inability to manufacture runs. The fact is--we do no have anyone in the lineup who shouldn't be sacrificing. With all due respect to the current roster, no one is that much of a threat, particularly right now. O's hitters are even unable to (or unwilling to) hit the ball to the right side with a runner on 2nd and less than two outs, so why does Trembley continue to let everyone swing away? It is flat out moronic. The O's have lost half their games by two runs or less... think the ability to play small ball matters?

Now, all these managerial issues would be a problem on any team, but when you factor in the number of young, impressionable players on the Orioles, those problems are devastating. When a manager allows his players to loaf to fly balls (Jones), jog to first (Lugo), and be selfish at the plate (see all) without repercussions, it is as good as saying, "This is the Oriole way, welcome to the club." That is going to be a hard attitude to reverse.

I am not expecting this team to make the playoffs with a new manager, but they could, and should, be .500. This young group of talented players should believe and play like they are the better team day in and day out, whether it's true or not. That is called a winning attitude. Trembley has this team expecting to lose, and we desperately need someone in that dugout who can change that.

To finally answer your first question, the season is not lost. Unfortunately, the majority of games will be... until the Orioles have a manager who demands the most out of his players.

Paul Clark, 29

Bethesda, Maryland