I was away from the bar this weekend, but I want to make one point crystal clear: There's no truth to the rumor that I am taking credit for the Orioles' start.

So heard any other good rumors recently?


Seriously, everyone and their talk show buddy from Dundalk are commenting on last weekend's story that Cal Ripken Jr. wants to join the Orioles front office and that request was or wasn't denied by Peter Angelos.

I am going to throw my four cents in here (my blog, I get to double up). This is based on stuff I have heard from sources, from research I have done, and, frankly, some pure speculation on my part. So take it with grains of tequila salt.

Ripken would like to come back to the organization, he said that Monday in a released statement. And the Orioles would like to have him back in some capacity. Despite what many of you would like to believe opposite universes do collide, and Ripken and Angelos are friends and associates.

I don't believe that Angelos would tell Ripken, "No, because I don't want you to take credit for any success we may have." This is just my opinion, but I think at this point in his life and ownership, Angelos would give credit to Davey Johnson, Jon Miller, Pat Gillick, Albert Belle and right-wing Republicans if it meant righting this ship and shedding his reputation as a baseball failure.

I do believe that the subject of a Ripken reunion tour has come up, perhaps informally, in the last few months and the sides probably exchanged loose proposals.

And I do think Angelos would be hesitant to bring in Ripken and have it appear that he is meddling with Andy MacPhail's power and judgment or that he is creating an heir apparent to MacPhail.

I also am not sure Ripken would want to come in without any authority, to be an ambassador with no decision-making powers. Cal is too proud, too smart and has too many other responsibilities to re-join the Orioles just to sign autographs and kiss babies.

My guess is there may one day be a happy medium reached. That he could be like George Brett in Kansas City with a few more direct responsibilities.

Here's my bottom line: Any time current Orioles are connected with the past greats it shouldn't be dismissed. But you can't expect that Ripken is this organization's savior. Remember, during this dark period of the Orioles, Mike Flanagan and Eddie Murray returned and things didn't change.

But I want to know if you think Ripken's presence in the organization would make a difference. But limit it to a front office/filed position and spare us "the Cal needs to be owner" stuff. I understand that many of you want Angelos gone. But that's a separate issue here. And, by the way, Ripken as owner isn't happening.

Daily Think Special: Would Cal Ripken's presence in the organization make a difference?