Are you a hipster? Do you know a hipster? Do you want to slap a hipster -- hard?

Are you not even quite sure what a hipster is?


Whatever your answer, you need to check out Hipster Puppy, the latest Internet craze that's gotten so much buzz, it will soon be a book.

The site on Tumblr is a blog dedicated to two things: Cute pups and making fun of hipsters. The genius is that it does both simultaneously by showcasing adorable photos, with dry captions that call out hipsters for their disdain for the mainstream.

The dogs in the photos are usually wearing sunglasses or looking somehow hipster-ish.

I like the puppy wit a furry blue animal hat on whose caption says: "Since noodles went through the trouble of finding animal collective tickets on craigslist, the least you could do is dress up with him for the show."

Another under a very shaggy pupster: Ciego smells that way on purpose.

Someone's also come out with a feline answer to this, Hipster Kitten. But it's not nearly as developed or as fun.

The fluffy pupster in the photo is certainly a hip puppy, but not an official Hipster Puppy. It's courtesy of this Flickr account.