Ruthless Rewind: Ravens' strong draft, Tillman's no-no and more

The Ravens' stock is on the rise after a strong draft. The Orioles are looking for a closer (you should fill out an application). And the Capitals are doing some soul-searching after a crushing playoff loss. Uh, so what else is new?

[1] The Ravens selected a handful of intriguing prospects in last weekend's NFL draft, including NT Terrence Cody and TE Ed Dickson. But none have the crazy boom-or-bust potential of OLB Sergio Kindle. This guy was one of the draft's most athletic players, but he fell into the second round because of a wonky knee and those dreaded "character issues." Kindle was arrested for DWI, and on another occasion he drove into a building while texting. He says he's learned his lesson, but the Ravens should get him a driver just in case.


[2] After the draft, the sports betting site Bodog set the Ravens' Super Bowl odds at 18/1. Think that's a bit low? You're not the only one, apparently. As of Thursday, the Ravens' odds had raised since Monday to 16/1, but that still sounds like it could be a potentially lucrative investment. Just don't come bust my kneecaps if Joe Flacco (left, photo by AP) gives us another playoff no-show.

[3] The once-mighty Capitals blowing a 3-1 series lead to a No. 8 seed was one of the biggest choke jobs in recent memory, and Jaroslav Halak's sparkling play isn't the only reason the Caps are booking summer vacations two months earlier than expected. Alexander Semin is soft. Mike Green is severely overrated. So-so goaltending gave Montreal life. And Alex Ovechkin couldn't will his squad to victory in another Game 7. Somehow, after a dominant regular season, the Caps are left with more questions than answers.


[4] Orioles top pitching prospect Chris Tillman tossed a no-hitter for Triple-A Norfolk on Wednesday. "It was unbelievable," Tillman told The Baltimore Sun. Throwing a no-hitter at any level is very cool, but it had to be extra satisfying for Tillman after failing to make the Orioles' Opening Day roster. Tillman is 2-3 with a 4.05 ERA this season for the Tides, but throwing a no-no makes a pretty compelling argument that he's ready for a promotion, no?

[5] Orioles manager Dave Trembley said "whoever can get outs" will be his closer. You've got to love his ringing endorsement for no one. Maybe Matt Wieters can close.

[6] Koji Uehara says he's ready to return. Thank God. I need some more Koji in my life.

[7] Ravens OT Michael Oher is giving us his take on his life story. He is penning an autobiography called "I Beat the Odds." The thought of the massive tackle hunched over a tiny keyboard makes me giggle, but I can't wait to read what Oher has to say.

[8] I'm rooting for Homeboykris in the Derby, just to hear old, dorky, white commentators make terrible puns for the next two weeks.

[9] This whole Dez Bryant controversy is totally overblown. If you are considering paying millions of dollars to a troubled NFL prospect, you absolutely have to ask tough, uncomfortable questions. Especially when your paycheck and reputation are riding on it.