Raw: Jack Swagger booked to look like chump, not champ

After watching Monday night's episode of Raw, I have no idea what WWE is trying to accomplish with new world heavyweight champion Jack Swagger. If the goal is to make him look like a joke and damage the prestige of the title, they're doing a great job.

Trying to get Swagger over as someone to be taken seriously was going to be a challenge since he was buried for months before winning the title last week on Smackdown, but what WWE is doing will guarantee that he doesn't get over.


First of all, why is WWE sucking all of the personality out of him? Since winning the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania XXVI, Swagger's wide, disingenuous smile has vanished and he no longer does push-ups on his way to the ring – two things that made him distinguishable and got him heat. Now he slowly walks out with an expressionless look on his face. I think the idea is that he's supposed to look intense, but he comes off more like a zombie.

John Cena came right out and told Swagger on Monday's show that he wasn't "championship material." By the time Raw was over, Cena had been proven right. In the opening segment, Swagger got RKO'd by Randy Orton, who first tried to hit the move on Cena, but Cena blocked it and Swagger ended up taking it.


Later, Swagger did a clean job to Orton in a non-title match. The match was good and Swagger was given a lot of offense, but still, why have him get pinned by Orton for the second straight week? It's not like this is going to build to a Swagger-Orton title program, since it was made clear that Swagger was going to be on Smackdown from now on. I'm not saying Swagger should have beaten Orton, but WWE could have at least had Swagger lose by disqualification.

Swagger, 28, has the tools to be a main-eventer for years to come. He has a natural cockiness about him, good size and solid in-ring skills. Hopefully, WWE realizes what it has in Swagger before irreparable damage is done to his character.

Other thoughts on Monday's show:

Guest host David Otunga carried himself like a star. It's just a matter of time before the NXT rookie is a regular on Raw or Smackdown. Before that can happen, however, he has to raise his game in the ring. He already can talk and has a presence. …

It was a rough night for Cena as a tag team participant. First, in a WWE unified tag team title match pitting Cena and Batista against champions The Miz and The Big Show, Batista walked out on him. Cena chased after him and did not make it back to the ring in time, so they lost by countout. Later in the show, Otunga booked himself to be Cena's partner against Miz and Big Show in another title match. Otunga also abandoned Cena, who was pinned after taking the knockout punch from Big Show.

Turning on Cena got Otunga a lot of heat, but I didn't understand his motivation. Why wouldn't someone at his level want to be a co-holder of the tag team title with the biggest star in the company? For that matter, what was Cena's motivation for wanting to win the tag team title with his enemy Batista? …

I liked that Orton tried to RKO Cena when Cena's back was turned. It appears that WWE gets it as far as Orton keeping his heel tendencies even though he is now a fan favorite. …

I certainly wasn't surprised when Sheamus scored a convincing victory over Kofi Kingston. Nonetheless, it's disappointing to see their careers going in completely opposite directions. …


Was there any doubt that Eve would win the divas battle royal to determine the No. 1 contender for Maryse's Divas title? WWE has been building up Eve for a title shot for a few weeks now. …

The result of the Ted DiBiase Jr.-Christian match also was predictable. Since Christian won the first meeting last week, it was a given that DiBiase would even the score. Now that DiBiase is on his own, he was given his father's old Million Dollar Belt to use as a prop. Not a bad idea. …

It was announced that the draft would take place in three weeks on a three-hour episode of Raw. I always look forward to the draft, even though it means little as far as wrestlers being exclusive to brands. At least ECW can't get the short end of the stick again this year.