Newsome and the Ravens work their magic again

Tonight, Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome hit a home run, drafting Sergio Kindle and Terrence Cody, two guys who should have gone in the first round. Kindle could be the next Adalius Thomas here in Baltimore, and Cody is a man mountain, a great pick to replace Kelly Gregg at the nose in a year. I knew when the Ravens passed on Dan Williams that they would be targeting Cody. It was the only explanation. Cody plus Haloti Ngata is about 700 pounds on the defensive line. So much for running the ball against Baltimore, right? 

Allow me to pat myself on the back for listing Kindle and Cody as the first two guys the Ravens would target in the second round. Mark it down, I was actually right about something. If they take wide receiver Taylor Price with pick No. 70 in the third round, I'm going to retire my laptop and go out on top.

***** Update (Friday, 8:50 p.m.) *****


I guess I'm keeping my job after all. With the 70th pick in the draft, the Ravens selected Oregon tight end Ed Dickson. Dickson isn't a great blocker, but he has pretty good speed and should be able to stretch the field up the seams. He might not be as good of a pass-catcher as Arizona's Rob Gronkowski, but he's much more durable, which is important considering Todd Heap's struggles with injuries over the last few seasons.

Unless they make a trade to move up into the third round again, the Ravens are done for the evening. You can now focus on another Orioles loss. Tomorrow, the Ravens will look to find a cornerback (maybe Akwasi Owusu-Ansah of Indiana (Pa.)) and a wide receiver (if they're lucky, Price will still be out there), and fill other needs elsewhere.

As of now, I'd give the Ravens an A- with Kindle, Cody and Dickson. They took the best guys available and still were able to fill a couple of needs in the process. Getting a edge rusher like Kindle is a luxury.