Forget about how promising Brian Matusz is as a young pitcher for a moment.

This kid would be easy to root for even if he threw 75 mph and bounced pitches after 58 feet. Because he absolutely loves being in the major leagues.


This week was his first chance to pitch in Fenway Park. But before he did it, he wanted the full experience. So on Thursday, the Orioles' off day in Boston, Matusz and fellow starter Jeremy Guthrie went to the Red Sox-Texas Rangers game.

"We are fans of the game too," he said. "It's fun to do stuff like that."

They sat in the Green Monster seats on top of the famed towering wall in left field. It gave Matusz a different perspective of the field.

"It seems like it's a mile away and then I realize (Boston catcher Jason) Varitek hit a ball up there," Matusz said. "And I thought, 'Boy he must have really gotten a hold of that one.'"

By the way, the Varitek bomb that Matusz is referring to happened in the fifth inning of Saturday's game against the Orioles.

The pitcher that gave up that rocket?