Looking at the post-draft Raw and Smackdown rosters

The WWE draft that took place Monday and Tuesday has changed the company's landscape, and it just might be a change for the better as far as giving some talented mid-carders an opportunity to get to the next level.

With Shawn Michaels' retirement, Triple H and The Undertaker likely going on extended hiatuses and Batista expected to leave the company next month, there is a void at the top of the card, especially on Smackdown.


Assuming WWE will be without the aforementioned four stars for a while, here's a breakdown of the top guys on the Raw and Smackdown rosters (listed in alphabetical order):



Faces: Evan Bourne, John Cena, John Morrison, Randy Orton, R-Truth

Heels: Ted DiBiase Jr., Edge (assuming he has turned), Ezekiel Jackson (when he returns from injury), Chris Jericho, The Miz, Sheamus

Analysis: Cena and Orton obviously are the marquee babyfaces on Raw, but with Michaels and Triple H gone, Morrison appears to have the No. 3 spot sewn up (yes, WWE does have an organized pecking order). That's a good place to be on the flagship show. Of course if Edge hasn't really gone heel, that knocks Morrison down a notch. If Edge is a heel, it would give Raw three of the most entertaining bad guys in the business (with Jericho and Miz being the other two). I wouldn't be surprised to see Miz in the WWE title mix before the end of the year. The surplus of top-level heels – which includes Sheamus, who is getting a major push – means that DiBiase will likely remain in a mid-card spot.


Faces: The Big Show, Christian, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Kofi Kingston, MVP

Heels: Shad Gaspard, Drew McIntyre, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler

Analysis: For fans who are tired of seeing the same guys in the world title programs, Smackdown looks like the show for you. Raw has the four biggest active stars in the company in Cena, Orton, Edge and Jericho, which means that Smackdown is now the land of opportunity for a number of guys, beginning with world heavyweight champion Swagger. Punk, even though he doesn't have the belt, will have a chance to be the top heel on the show. McIntyre and Ziggler are now closer to the top than they were before the draft. Gaspard and Rhodes will likely have mid-card roles. When looking at the babyface side, Mysterio appears to be the top guy, but Christian, Kingston and MVP all have a much better chance of making an impact that they did on Raw. Big Show will always be in the top mix, but he doesn't cut it as the lead babyface. Ditto for Kane. Hardy has a loyal following, but he may be end up being the No. 7 babyface.



NXT rookies who have a shot at landing a spot on Raw or Smackdown: Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Darren Young