Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl, along with Jake Pavelka and Chelsie are safe.

That was the news with which ABC opened the week 4 results show Tuesday night.


I can see Ochocinco, he has been doing great the last two weeks.

But Jake Pavelka? Please, he stumbled and tripped Monday night. Does dancing still have anything to do with this show?

Evan Lysachek and Anna just got the good news that they will be back. Of course, the Olympic gold medal winner is the best celebrity dancer this side of Nicole Scherzinger.

Spare me the "Future of Ballroom" dancers. This is filler. ABC is making a fortune with this show, and now the padding out of an hour begins with fillers like this.It wil only get worse. By the end of the season, it is almost all filler.

Come on, let's get back to the ins and outs. I want to see how far ABC is willing to push its credibility to keep Kate Gosselin on.

Nicole and Derek advance, as do Pamela Anderson and Damian -- all deserved. Nicole and Evan are the best celebrity dancers, while Anderson shot the lights out the first week and then again Monday night.

Ballet meets hip-hop. Remember what I said about "Dancing with the Stars" being an insane post-postmodern mash-up? This production, "Nothing but Strings," is Exhibit A from Tuesday night. The producers have to put on something to pad out an hour's worth of programming that can serve as a home for all those Macy's ads.

Erin Andrews and Maks are safe. That's a break. She danced with a bad back Monday, and was not very good.

And there was the interview with Kate Gosselin, saying that Monday night was the "first time" that she "had total and complete fun." And with some prompting, she even had a kind word for Tony.

I wonder if that little image-building moment means she made the cut again. With the ratings "Dancing" is getting, I don't think the producers or ABC are worrying about credibility. After all, this is a reality-contest show not "World News with Diane Sawyer." Still, viewers do have to think their votes actually matter. If Kate advances, that is going to be a tough sell.

Oh no, Kate Gosselin gets another pass! Despite having the lowest score from the judges, she's back for another week. Did I not just say this before the commercial break? That image-building interview was a set-up. This really is getting to be an exercise in debasement. Does anyone believe in the voting results any more?

Aiden Turner and Edyta get the boot. Niecy and Louis get another week.

I have to say, I thought this was the end for Kate. This really is too much. ABC is pushing it with this results show. I wonder how long before comparisons start getting made to the 1950s quiz shows in which producers went out of their way to keep popular contestants on the show. Who monitors the counting of telephone and text votes anyway? And what about the complaints from folks who couldn't get through to vote for contestants other than Kate?