Cupcakes on wheels

It was only a matter of time before the cupcake trend and food-truck trend collided.

It happened this week in Baltimore County, when a longtime wedding cake baker climbed into a pink-and-white polka dotted truck and started cruising suburban office parks in search of snack-starved workers.

Christine Richardson, 50, sold all 400 cupcakes on board Wednesday, and nearly sold out Tuesday, the first day she took Icedgems Baking on the road.


She alerts customers to the truck's whereabouts by way of Twitter and Facebook.

"A year ago I couldn't even text," she said. "And now I can Facebook with the best of them."


Richardson makes a "huge variety" of flavors, offering five or six each day. They include coffee cake cupcakes with coffee frosting, lemon, and the big hit Wednesday, rocky road, made with pecans, marshmallows, dark and light chips and a buttercream frosting with more of those pecans and chips.

The cupcakes are $2.50 each, $12.50 for a half-dozen, $24 a dozen.

Richardson bakes out of commercial kitchen in Security Square Mall, renting space from Clifton and Tracy Spriggs of Honey Biscuits. (The whoopie pie lady rents space from them, too. Who knew Security Square would turn out to be such a hub for hipster foods?)

Richardson will deliver two dozen or more cupcakes within 20 miles of the Reisterstertown area for free, and will travel farther for a small fee. She hopes to work out a regular route, one that eventually takes her into Baltimore City.

But so far, she has found suburban office parks a good to place to troll for treat-seekers. Her truck has already crossed paths there with the Chowhound Burger Wagon.

"They said, 'Follow us 'round,'" Richardson said. "They do the main course and we do dessert."

NOTE: I initially reported that Richardson rented kitchen space from the whoopie pie lady. In fact, the whoopie pie lady and Richardson both rent from Honey Biscuits. Sorry about that.

Photo courtesy of Icedgems Baking