First thing tonight, host Ryan Seacrest promises that tonight's results are "shocking." I'm trying to think what the most shocking results would actually be.

After that, it's the return of the group sync.


Results: Siobhan Magnus gets called to the middle of the stage, but Ryan doesn't say that she is actually in the bottom three. Then he tells Crystal Bowersox to join her. Katie Stevens, too. Finally, he tells them that Crystal is safe ... well actually, that all three of them are. Jerky maneuver. Also, up until this point, I hadn't realized that they were the only women left.

Ryan next announces that the mentor for next week is Adam Lambert, and Katie's jaw hits the floor. Ryan asks her what's up with that. "I didn't know!" she shrieks. Apparently, she doesn't read Entertainment Weekly's web site.

Jason Derulo comes out to perform next. He, by the way, was signed by Kara DioGuardi. After the break, David Archuleta hits the stage to perform "Imagine," reminding us of his standout moment from season seven. He's sporting a Beatles hairdo for the occasion, too.

Results time again. Ryan separates the six guys into two groups: Lee DeWyze, Casey James and Tim Urban in one, and Michael Lynche, Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia in the other.

Lee, Casey and Tim are safe (Tim looks shocked again), leaving the bottom three as Michael, Aaron and Andrew. Immediately, Ryan tells Aaron that he is safe, so it's either Mike or Andrew going home.

But first, they have to wait through Rihanna's performance of her new single. Which was ... odd.

Anyway, the reason we are here, the final results. Andrew Garcia is safe, and Michale Lynche has to sing for his life. He reprises "This Woman's Work" while his wife bawls in the audience. The judges are looking pretty shocked, too. I'm thinking that judges' save is going to come into play.

And indeed, it does: The judges save Michael Lynche, and no one is going home this week.