Erin Andrews, Niecy Nash Nash and Aiden Turner are all safe so far on the Tuesday night results show of "Dancing with the Stars."

I got here late from a doctor's appointment and am just catching up.


Will someone tell me how Aiden is safe for a second week in a row. He's terrible. Are soap opera fans saving him with their votes?

OK, Nicole Scherzinger and Derek, the danceboy, are safe. They deserve it. Nice sailor suits Monday night.

I'll keep blogging, so please keep refreshing or stopping back.

I like Reba McEntire, but come on. With these huge ratings, they could get two acts, don't you think, instead of having Reba perform twice? Man, ABC is squeezing every dollar out of this gold mkine. There is nothing cheaper than these results shows.

Evan and Anna are in. But, man, they made them wait until 8:38? Come on, Evan blew away the world with his quick-step -- and on broken toes.

Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl are safe, too. Good for Ocho. He got ripped the week before, went to the woodshed and worked his butt off -- unlike Ms. Pennsylvania.

Yes, Pamela and Damian are back. She has de passion.

Jake, Buzz and Kate are the three "stars" still in jeopardy. I am surprised to find that almost dislike Jake as much as Kate. Of course, this only makes me fear Buzz Aldrin will get the boot. And that will be a shame.

Oh lord, Kate is safe again. Do you believe this? The producers are torturing us.

"You heard the crowd reaction. They're all shocked and surprised," Tom Bergeron said.

Actually, the groaned at Kate and Tony moving ahead.

Classy farewell by Buzz Aldrin. An American hero dumped, while Kate Gosselin gets worse and worse on the dance floor -- and blithely sails on.

This show really is a con job, isn't it?