Which position should the Ravens upgrade next?

Interesting piece by Ravens beat writer Jamison Hensley in today's Sun -- you can read it here -- about where the team should turn its attention next, now that Derrick Mason has been signed and the wide receiver position has been shored up.

Hensley says defensive end is probably the Ravens' next priority, and that could involve re-signing Dwan Edwards.


Edwards has been making free-agent visits to the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks, Hensley reports, but has yet to sign with another team.

Which brings us to today's question, which we ask you to kick around in-between your beer-swilling and postseason college basketball watching: Which position do YOU think the Ravens should concentrate on now?


Do you agree with Hensley that it should be DE?

Or do you think -- as I do -- that the more pressing need is cornerback, with Lardarius Webb and Fabian Washington both coming off serious knee injuries.

Or do you think tight end should be the priority, now that Todd Heap has lost a step or two -- or maybe three -- and there's absolutely no one behind him on the depth chart.

Put down that beer and remote and let us know.

Daily Think Special: Which hole should the Ravens try to fill next?