Two models eliminated from 'America's Next Top Model'

John-John reports on last night's America's Next Top Model:

The last time we saw the Top Model hopefuls, the girls just received news that they were going to have to participate in a nude photo shoot.


The models were asked to pick off one item of clothing from a mannequin, and they were only allowed to wear that one item for the shoot.

During the shoot, Gabrielle stood out, but not for the right reasons. Mr. Jay Manuel constantly had to give her direction. (Not a good sign.)


Alasia was a mess, according to Krista, who didn't do much better in her own photo shoot. Mr. Jay said Alasia got her pose from the zoo. Raina whispered that Alasia looked "preggers" during her photo shoot. (I could see who was going to be in the week's bottom two.)

After the commercial break the girls were in front of the judges. Tyra Banks was accompanied by mainstay Nigel Barker and guest judge Sally Hershberger, a celebrity stylist. Tyra also announced the addition of permanent judge, Andre Leon Talley, editor-at-large of Vogue. (I guess Miss J. Alexander had to sashay away.)

Jessica was judged best photograph.

Angelea was runner up. She was followed by Ren, Brenda, Simone, Tatianna, Anslee, Raina, Naduah, Alexandra, and Krista. That left Alasia and Gabriel in the bottom two.

Tyra said Gabriel was such a lovely girl in person. "But when your photo came up there was dead silence," an ultra dramatic Tyra said.

"Alasia, your photo made the judges very uncomfortable," Banks added. Alasia started crying.

I was shocked when Tyra announced that Gabriel was eliminated. "You have way too much potential to be taking photos like that," Tyra said.

 Back at the loft, a stunned Gabrielle was packing up her clothes. "I'm in major shock," she said.

A defeated Gabrielle, said that she planned to go to school and pursue a degree in fashion merchandising. She said she would model on the side.

After another commercial break, Ren was back at the house moaning and groaning about the models, in particular Alasia. Meanwhile, Raina was saying she didn’t believe all of Naduah’s stories. (Naduah claimed to be raised in a cult. She also claimed to have a lot of previous modeling experience.)

The next day the girls met Miss J for a runway walk tutorial. The girls were challenged to walk a busy New York City intersection so they could work on their pacing.

Ren, who was getting on my nerves, said the whole thing was kind of silly.

The girls then found out that they would be participating in a Rachel Roy fashion show. (Impressive. Rachel Roy is extremely hot right now.)

The fashion show featured a long runway that required the girls to walk through two swinging pendulums. It was a disaster waiting to happen.

Simone was the first to get hit by the pendulum. Krista almost got hit. Ren had to stutter her step.

Alexandra was the worst. She fell down the steps before even getting to the runway. Then she got hit by a pendulum and let out a shriek as she fell off the runway. Her knee was skinned, and her dress was ripped. It was a mess.

Brenda was judged the winner. As a result of her catwalking skills, she was allowed to keep the dress she modeled. She also will be featured on Rachel Roy’s Web site.

Back at the house, Ren and Alasia got into an argument after Ren told Alasia to “shut up.”

After a lot of back and forth between the two Alasia threatened Ren.

“I know where you sleep,” Alasia shrieked.


Ren was later shown crying to Anslee about not wanting to be a part of all the drama in the house. (Whatever!)

The next day, the girls had to take beauty shots.

There wasn’t real drama at the photo shoot. At the judging, which featured Rachel Roy as the week's guest judge, we got a better sense of what worked at the shoot.

The best photo went to Raina. She was followed by Krista, Anslee, Tatianna, Simone, Alexandra, Angelea, Alasia, Brenda, and Jessica.

Ren and Naduah were left in the bottom two.

Nigel said that Ren looked like she was selling the H1N1 vaccine. (Ouch!)

Naduah had an edgy look but posed in a classic way. That wasn’t a good thing, according to Tyra.

Surprisingly, Naduah was sent packing.

“I really feel like the judges hadn’t given me the chance I deserved,” Naduah said while packing up her belongings in the loft. “I will continue and flourish.”

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