Here's John-John on the latest "Biggest Loser":

I know the Academy Awards were a couple weeks ago, but last night's episode of "The Biggest Loser" had more dramatic tears than a Meryl Streep movie mixed with a sack of freshly cut onions.

The challenge of the night was actually a normal food trivia quiz. Michael wound up stepping up big and winning his blue teammates a stay at the Four Seasons Spa. The losing black team was tasked to clean the kitchen. (Am I the only one who has never seen this kitchen in a messy state? How was that much of a punishment?)

Anywho, while the teams are working out, Michael receives news that is grandmother is extremely ill. He leaves, and his team competes in the second challenge of the episode. At this point I think I'm watching Hell's Kitchen/Top Chef. The teams are challenged to re-create a three-course meal in 30 minutes using 12 ingredients. The winning team wins a five-pound advantage during the weigh-ins. The black team makes the most of Michael's absence and wins the challenge. Things are looking good for the black team a week after having to send away Cheryl.

I really thought that the black team was going to have the weigh in wrapped up. (Heck, so did the blue team!) But boy, was I wrong. And boy, did things get dramatic.

After the black team posted a respectable 2.09 percent weight loss, the blue team simply posted huge numbers. Koli's nine-pound loss put him under 300 pounds, which brought him to tears. Trainers Jillian and Bob let the waterworks loose when Koli broke into tears. (I even have to admit that it was touching.) Koli's cousin, Sam, immediately rushed to the scales and hugged him.

Michael lost 11 pounds. (He only needed to lose one pound to give his team the victory. They easily won with 3.11 percent weight loss.)

'That's for my grandma!" he shouted.


At the elimination, Sherry, who actually lost a greater percentage of weight than Stephanie, wound up getting voted off the show. Her teammates were extremely apologetic. They also claimed that they loved her. Blah, blah, blah. Almost every member of the team was crying or sniffling.

It was touching when Sherry encouraged her daughter Ashley by saying that Ashley’s deceased father would be very proud of her. Sherry left the show gracefully.

In what I think has been the most impressive of this season’s transformations, Sherry appeared in the update segment to be dramatically thinner than when the season began. She looked like a completely different person. She was down to 138 pounds from the 218 pounds she weighed in the beginning of the season. She said her goal is to reach the weight she had been at her wedding 30 years ago.