ABC didn't waste any time cashing in the promotional value of naming Kate Gosselin to the new cycle of "Dancing with the Stars" that starts March 22. The announcement was made around 10 p.m. on "The Bachelor," and two hours later, she was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" chatting it up with Kimmel.

And while she was on Kimmel's show, she promoted an appearance on Tuesday's "Good Morning America" -- when her dance partner will be announced.


No plans yet for her to appear on "World News with Diane Sawyer" or "Nightline" later in the week. I'm kidding about those two, but I wouldn't be surprised. What a blitz.

Reality TV's "super mom," as ABC now calls her, said she is doing the show because she "really wants to learn how to dance." But she also said she intends to win. When Kimmel asked if she was competitive, Kate Gosselin said, "Have you seen my show?"

Kate said she sees Nicole Scherzinger, of the Pussycat Dolls, and actress Pamela Anderson ("Baywatch") as her chief competition.

Whoever her partner is, he is going to have to train on what Gosselin described as "makeshift dance floor" in the basement of her Pennsylvania home several days a week, and then fly out with her to Los Angeles each week for the show. That's quite a concession ABC is making for her, but she says the producers did not let her pick her partner.

She said she "did suggest a person" who she thought would be a good partner, but the producers "said he'd be too quiet" for her.

"I asked for a miracle worker," she told Kimmel.

"Well, if each of your children votes [for you], that's like a thousand votes a week," Kimmel said.

This is shaping up as one hype-o-rama.