Buzz Aldrin and Ashly made it: They're coming back next week. It's nice that the 80-year-old former astronaut and his classy partner got some respect. They do elevate the proceedings.

But Pamela Anderson and Damien are in the bottom two -- and could be gone. That's a real surprise as this year's first results show opens hot on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars.


Am I really watching a show that showcases a musical performance by John Stamos? He is performing with the Beach Boys, and singer Mike Love looks older than Aldrin.

I did use the term, dreck culture last night to describe what we are dealing with here, didn't I?

Keep checking back, and I'll keep posting.

UPDATE: I won't play you like ABC played us during the awards show: Kate Gosselin made it despite her embarrassing performance two weeks in a row.

Aiden Turner and Edyta, made it? Are you kidding? He was terrible, and she almost killed him with the elbows to the face. But they are in, along with Niecy Nash and Louis.

Speaking of dreck, can you believe the segment called "The Len Commandments," with judge Len Goodman as Moses, the Law Giver? This really is low-rent trash, and it is the reason there are no great dramas on network TV. And yet, I watch.

Figure skater Evan Lysachek lives. He and partner Anna are coming back. Good call. they deserve it. They did a great jive Monday.

Jake and Chelsie made it. They are awful. I can't believe this.

OK, Nicole Scherzinger and Derek are in. Of course, they are fabulous.

What can I say about the "Stars of Dance" performance sponsored by Macy's? If it means some aid for the victims of the earthquake, that's a good thing. And I'll leave it right there, so readers can say what they think.

Oh, the segment on co-host Brook Burke was precious. The agony of being in hair and makeup "pretty much all day." The incredible challenge of having to speak lines that aren't written for you on a TelePrompter.

Erin Andrews and Max are back. Good call. But Chad Ochocinco made it, too? Please.

OK, Kate Gosselin is one of two celebrities who could be on the block with Pamela Anderson. But don't get your hopes up. ABC is just teasing us. Kate will make it. But she sure does look unhappy with having to stand there, doesn't she?

See, I knew it Kate and Tony made it. Oh man, the producers played us, and I didn't see it until just before it happened.


ABC let Kate Gosselin save face by throwing Doherty under the bus. Sorry, Shannen, it's all about the ratings, and I guess you don't have the Nielsen mojo that Kate does. More's the pity. But it does seem kind of outrageous that Kate moves on while Shannen, who actually worked on her dancing and showed marked improvement, gets dumped?

If Kate lasts one more week, I think they should take the word "dancing" out of the show's title, don't you?