Baltimore police have arrested 18-year-old twin brothers in connection with a series of burglaries in six houses in the Southeastern District and seized stolen flat-screen television sets, radios, video game players and DVD players, authorities said on Tuesday.

Ronald (far left) and Ronnie Sinkler, of the first block of North Clinton St., were each charged with more than 50 counts of burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, theft and destruction of property and are being held without bail at the detention center pending a hearing scheduled for April.

Few details were immediately available, including the locations of the burglaries. Police said they raided the twins' house and discovered "an enormous amount of stolen property" and that fingerprints from the house matches fingerprints taken at "one of the many houses that were burglarized."


Among the stolen tems recovered, according to police, were two X-Box games, several DVD players, a golf bag, a 42-inch flat-screen TV, a video camera, an alarm clock and a laptop computer.

Here is a list of what police seized:

24 N. Clinton Street Property Listing

*Recovered from the rear bedroom:
1 - Proscan flat screen t.v., model #32LC30S57, serial #91155-32LC30557-00320
2 - X Box 360, serial #5051451745174405 and 617205762405
1 - X Box 360 dvd player, serial #018325265120
1 - Emerson dvd player, serial #21019595TN
1 - Wachovia bank information in the name of Ronald Sinkler
1 - large ziplock with 23 small purple ziplock bags containing a green plantlike substance w/large quantity of empty purple ziplock bags
1 - golf bag/trombone bag
1 - Sony dvd player, serial # 0681813
*Recovered from the front bedroom:
1 - Dynex t.v. 42" flat screen, serial #2499LC42KT46H08535
1 - RCA clock radio c.d. player, model #RP3765A
1 - JVC video camera, model GR-AXM18U, serial #142D1101
1 - Sony dvd player, model #DVP-SR200P, serial #2688755
*Recovered from the basement:
1 - Compaq HP laptop computer, serial #2CE849PQ813
Paperwork in the name of Ronald Sinkler
1 - Sharp flat screen t.v. w/remote, serial #907813847
1 - Sony alarm clock, serial #1043984
1 - purple suitcase Xpeno
1 - JVC VHS, serial #114F6427
1 - Sony VCR, serial #016190631905