'America's Next Top Model' back for 14th season

It's the 14th season of America's Next Top Model, and we've basically seen it all. We all know what to expect — sob-story beauties, stank attitudes, dramatic transformations and extra loads of self-absorbed antics from creator/host/judge Tyra Banks. Still, it's hard to stop watching.

The episode begins with a group of 33 hopefuls standing in a room waiting around for this year's cheesy season-premiere theme, which is social networking. The contestants learn that they are trying to make Tyra's "MyFierce" page. (Try not to gag.) As a result, the contestants have to take a profile picture, and have to learn how to take a social "netwalk."

Tyra explains that she only has a certain amount of room in network so she can only accept a certain number of new friends.

During the interview process, we meet a slew of hopefuls from across the country. Here are a few of the more memorable ones:

Brittany lives in College Park, Maryland. She says that she made the semi-finals after being hand-picked in an online competition through Tyra's web site. But she doesn't make it as a finalist.

Hallie is from Memphis and is a complete snob. Her godmother is Cybill Shepherd. She admits to getting an allowance and not needing to model for the money.

Jeanna is from Chicago and she admits to loving drag queens. At one point she simulates having sex with Mr. Jay. (Yikes!)


The girls are then get further whittled down to 20 contestants. The remaining hopefuls do a photo shoot called "What Supermodel Are You." They have five minutes to change, put on some makeup, and pose as their favorite supermodel.

The final 12 are chosen. They find out that they will be living in New York. When the girls arrive in New York, they meet up with Perez Hilton, who gives the girls a tour of a wax museum.

We find out that the gossip hound is on the show after making an agreement with Tyra not to talk about the children of celebrities for six months. Back to Suri — I mean, the show.

The contestants learn that they are going to receive "Ty-overs" at the Sally Herschberger salon. After the makeovers the girls go to their new digs — a loft. Anslee and Angelea get into an argument over closet space. Later, Angelea gets into an argument with Brenda. Talasia and Angelea get into an argument. Krista jumps in, and starts arguing with Talasia. (Noticing a pattern?)

The episode ends with the girls going to their first photo shoot. They learn that the photo shoot requires them to pose nude. There is no elimination. The credits start rolling. That is the end of the show. 

The following are a list of the top 13 contestants with a brief description of each and the result of their makeover:

Brenda Arens, 23, Houston, Texas – She's adopted. As an adult she finds her father, who rejects her. She reminds the judges of an 80s model. (That's not a good thing.)  During the makeover her long red locks are chopped off. She starts crying. She says her hair was her best asset.


Alasia Ballard, 18, Marietta, Georgia – She shows up to the competition with a wig. She's extremely loud and annoying. During the makeover she gets curly, bouncy hair.

Raina Hein, 22, Minnetonka, Minnesota – She is a two-time national volleyball champion. Tyra says she has potential. Mr. Jay loves her eyes and her face. Gives her "deep, dark, chocolate" hair.

Tatianna Kern, 21, Ewa Beach, Hawaii – She's a volunteer mortician. She says she wants to "check out modeling," which doesn't impress Tyra and company. The judges are not enthusiastic with her overall lack of knowledge about modeling. She gets long Goldilocks style hair during the makeover.

Gabrielle Kniery, 18, St. Louis, Missouri –She's bi-racial and insecure about her ethnicity. She thinks that Angelea is her competition. The judges really like her. During the makeover her hair is shortened, lightened and given really tight curls.

Simone Lewis, 19, Lenexa, Kansas – She's a sophomore at Duke University. The African American admits to having problems getting along with other African American females. During the makeover, the hair on the side of her head is shaved off.

Anslee Payne-Franklin, 23, Dacula, Georgia – She's recently married and has a kid. During the makeover, her hair is chopped off. She really likes it.

Naduah Rugley, 22, San Diego, California – She grew up in a religious cult where children were molested. She gives Tyra a picture she drew of her. Tyra says she is going to frame it. Naduah doesn't really receive a makeover because she has a buzzed head.

Jessica Serfaty, 18, Conway, Arkansas – She tells the judges that she conceived a baby the first time she had sex. She married at 17. The judges like her face, but they are not sure if she is a model or a pretty girl. Her dirty blond hair is darkened during the makeover.

Alexandra Underwood, 21, Kerrville, Texas – She's a plus sized model with a lot of confidence. Tyra tells her that she has a beautiful body.

Ren Vokes, 22, Grand Prairie, Texas – She is added to the group after a nationwide search. A self-described free spirit. She gets her hair cut shorter to make it look more edgy. Her armpits also have to be shaved during the makeover. (Double yikes!)

Angelea, 23, Buffalo, New York – A semi-finalist two seasons ago, Angelea admits to getting therapy to work on her anger issues. It really doesn't show. She becomes known as the "mean girl of the finalists." She gets a long weave during the makeover.

Krista, 26, Pine Bluff, Arkansas – She and Alasia hate each other. She says she has been trying out for the show since after cycle one. During the makeover, her hair is slicked back, and a pony tail is added. She doesn't like it.

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