'American Idol' results: Who keeps on rolling into the Top 11?

Well, American Idol viewers, guess what rule is back in play this season? It's the judges' save, in which the judges can save a voted-out contestant, but only once, and only unanimously and only before the Top 5. 

Next, David Cook performs "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and reminds us exactly how much oomph was missing from most of last night's performances by the Top 12 -- and really, how much oomph has been missing this whole season. After the performance, he tells Ryan Seacrest that he's working on his next album and having a blast. He's also going to Africa as part of "Idol Gives Back."


Results: Paige Miles is in the bottom three. Lee Dewyze is safe. Siobhan Magnus is, too (duh). Aaron Kelly is also safe. Next, Andrew Garcia and Tim Urban both have to stand up. Andrew=safe; Tim=a member of the bottom three.

Ryan introduces Orianthe by calling her one of rock's newest pioneers. What? Um, no. Including an electric guitar doesn't immediately mean it's rock. This is pop. Also, it's pitchy.


Didi Benami is safe. Crystal Bowersox still has Lilly Scott's feather in her hair and she is safe (after they have a little talk about the judges saying that she was performing like she has this in the bag, which was totally weird). Katie Stevens gets even more contradictory advice, as Kara says she should do more R&B, Simon says more country, Randy says more pop rock and Ellen says mariachi, breaking the tension. Anyway, Katie is safe. Michael Lynche is safe, too. This leaves Casey James and Lacey Brown. Casey is safe, Lacey is the last member of the bottom three.

Your votes on the poll last night indicated that the bottom three would likely be Tim, Lacey and Andrew. You guys were close! The bottom three stand up, and Ryan tells Tim, who got the most votes by far in last night's poll on who should go home, that he is safe.

So during the commercial break, I'm browsing Twitter and I realize: No group sing. Weird. I mean, yeah, everyone makes fun of it, but it's just a little odd. Well, it's OK: I much preferring listening to David Cook than a lip-sync group performance.

But we get another guest star instead, with Ke$ha's performance of "Blah Blah Blah." Isn't this a singing competition instead of an AutoTune competition? Also, why does she put on a Native American headdress in the middle of the performance? Bizarre.

Anyway, results, at last.  Paige is safe, and Lacey is out unless they judges use their save. She gets to perform for her life, and she apparently doesn't have to sing last night's song, as she reprises "The Story" from last week. It's pretty rough going, and the judges do not choose to use her save.

Lacey tells Ryan that she is going to keep singing and that she's excited for the future.