'American Idol' results: Who gets cut tonight?

Four more singers are going home on tonight's American Idol, and that is absolutely fine by me. Seriously, the amount of time I have had to devote to this show since last week in combination with the quality of the performances ... I'm kind of over this show and this season. If they wanted to cut extra people a la Jake "The Bachelor" Pavelka, I'd be OK with that.

For the group lip-sync, the Top 20 present the Black-Eyed Peas' "I've Got a Feelin'," and when they get to the "tonight's going to be a good night" part, my husband quips, "Not for four of you!" Zing!


Results! Tim Urban is safe (and shocked). Todrick Hall hears his recap, but no results. Michael Lynche is safe. Casey James is, too. John Park is out, and Todrick is safe. I'm slightly surprised -- John's a little cheesy, but I like his voice. Oh, well. He reprises "Gravity" while his upset parents look on from the balcony.

After the break, more results: Lee Dewyze is safe. Aaron Kelly is as well. Alex Lambert? Safe. This leaves Andrew Garcia and Jermaine Sellers. Andrew is safe, and Jermaine is out. I'm not that surprised on that one. He sings "What's Goin' On," and he's a bit more restrained than last night, which is nice.


Just for the record, this time, all of you who voted earlier this week predicted this outcome.

Danny Gokey comes out to sing his new single, "My Best Days Are Ahead of Me." It appears he has decided to go down the country road. He says he made that decision after talking with Randy Travis last season during country week.

Results again: Lilly Scott is safe. Paige Miles is, too. Ryan is really messing with people tonight. That drives me crazy. Katie Stevens is as well. This leaves Didi Benami and Michelle Delamor. I think Michelle should be out just for singing Creed. And she is. Didi is safe, Michelle is going home. 

After the break, more results. Katelyn Epperly is safe. Crystal Bowersox is safe as well. Siobhan Magnus joins the seated safe people. That leaves Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown. Haeley is out, and Lacey is safe. (Last night's blog voters predicted Haeley and Lacey would be out, and did not have its way, having targeted Haeley.)

While Ryan tries to throw it to the goodbye clip, the stage manager misinterprets it and thinks he's having Haeley sing too soon and starts shouting from offstage. That was weird.

After that, Haeley has to reprise "The Climb," and she is singing through tears, fighting for it. Well, what do you know. Now Haeley has an emotionally difficult experience to build on and help her connect with songs. She certainly has more of a connection with the lyrics tonight.

Just to recap, the ousted contestants are: John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Delamor and Haeley Vaughn.