OK, y'all, I know American Idol is the king of product placement. But tonight's results show begins with a mashup between recapping last night's show and a giant commercial for the new film Clash of the Titans. It's unreal. But I guess this is what they have to do these days since we're all fast-forwarding through everything. Sigh.

After that monstrosity of an intro, Ruben Studdard comes to the stage to perform, and he looks good -- and just really happy. Good for him. After he sings, Ryan Seacrest talks with him about how he's lost a lot of weight (he's vegan now, he says) and going on tour with Clay Aiken. Throwback Idol!


I'm going to ignore the segment that is a further commercial for the aforementioned movie.

Results: Lee DeWyze is safe. Casey James is, too. Aaron Kelly gets questioned by Ryan about whether he's ever been in love, and Simon Cowell finally just says, "You know, this is not the Oprah Winfrey show." NO KIDDING. Stop it, Ryan. Let's just get through this already! Aaron, by the way, is safe too. Siobhan Magnus and Katie Stevens are asked to stand. There's more blabbing, and finally, we learn that Katie is in the bottom three and Siobhan is safe.

Next week, the Top 9 will be taking on the Lennon-McCartney songbook.

Then, Usher, this week's mentor, takes to the stage to perform a song from his new album. While I give him credit for not lip-syncing, the singing is not good, even with the assist from AutoTune. It feels like a really expensive talent show performance or something. (Sorry, getting a little Simon there for a minute.)

Results again: Didi Benami is in the bottom three after getting cross-examined about whether she should go back to playing guitar during her performances. (Ryan. Stop it.) Michael Lynche gets called over to join Ryan, and then fakeout, he's safe. Mike picks Ryan up and pretends to body-slam him. Crystal Bowersox is safe, no fakeouts, no body-slamming. Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia stand up. Andrew is safe; Tim is in the bottom three. Immediately thereafter, Katie learns that she is not among the bottom two.

But they have to wait through a performance by Diddy Dirty Money before they find out their fate. At first, I thought that he had renamed himself again, but this is Diddy's new band, which includes him, singer Kalenna and Dawn Richard of Danity Kane. Whew. I guess.

The final results are in: Didi is the one in danger, left to sing for her life. She sings "Rhiannon" to try to earn the judges' save. How distracting must it be to sing for them while they are blabbing to each other about whether to keep you? Yeesh. Especially if you are already a Nervous Nellie. The crowd rallies for her, but Simon informs her that she is going home.

So what do you think of these results? I think Tim should be out, but it wasn't Didi's best week, either.