Tonight on American Idol, we'll get the results of one of the most important votes of the season -- finding out who is making the Top 10, and thus the tour.

The big issue is that there are so many people who could rightfully get kicked out tonight. Last night was brutal.


The group sync is back (yay?), and the Top 11 take on "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go." They literally have to do jazz hands at the end. Jazz hands, people! Deliver me from the cheese!

Results:  Siobhan Magnus is safe after a "you're going to have to pack your bags ... this summer, for the tour" fakeout from Ryan Seacrest. Lee Dewyze and Casey James are both told to stand, but they don't get their results. Instead, Tim Urban and Paige Miles are also asked to stand. Paige and Tim are in the bottom three, while Lee and Casey are safe.

Making the rest of the contestants sweat it out some more, Miley Cyrus hits the stage and performs with so much fog that I'm worried the audience is going to start choking.

More results: Aaron Kelly is safe. Didi Benami is also safe. So is Michael Lynche. Crystal Bowersox is safe as well. This leaves Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia. Katie is in the bottom three, and Andrew is safe.

Five seconds later, Katie learns she is actually safe, too.

Tim and Paige have to wait it out some more, through a performance from Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas. All I will say is that I would love to hear Simon's thoughts on this performance.

Final results: The ousted contestant is Paige Miles. Whew. In theory, she is going to sing for her life. Well, actually, before she even sings, Simon tells her they aren't going to use the judges' save on her because it's just been too rough. Simon says that she needs to go back to how she sang during Hollywood because she "had a great voice."

The she sings on the way out, but not "Against All Odds," thankfully! What do you think about the results? I think this was a big duh.

By the way, next week is soul and R&B with Usher.