Here's John-John on last night's Biggest Loser:

If you have somehow forgotten that the Winter Olympics starts this week and is being aired on NBC, this week's The Biggest Loser literally beat you over the head with reminders, and promos, and shameless plugs throughout the two hour show.


Personally, after the episode, I feel like I've gotten my Olympics fill.

I saw an alpine racer, am aerialist, a speed skater who has overcome a recent injury, and two paralympians. Yeah, I think I've seen all the Olympics I need to see. (I'll still watch the Olympics, but The Biggest Loser really annoyed me by shoving it down my throat this week.)

The episode started with the contestants learning that they were taking a little off campus field trip to the U.S. Olympic training camp in Colorado. (The location is the perfect place to get athletes into shape because of the thin air.)

Anywho, the contestants are told that in sticking with the Olympics theme they will essentially be competing as individuals. Melissa starts moaning and groaning about how this would put her and her husband Lance at a disadvantage. (Ugh! Must everything be about her happily married life? And how quickly things change. Just last week Melissa was lamenting that Lance was holding her team back.)

Back to the commercial – I mean show. If I didn't think I was being sold something I might have completely given into the Olympic spirit. There were plenty of inspiring moments this week.

First, the contestants meet Allison Jones, an alpine skier, and member of the U.S. Paralympic team. Later the contestants meet Apline skier Julie Manciso and aerialist Jeret "Speedy" Peterson.

In between the revolving door of athletes, Koli has an unusual subplot. He is struggling with the fact that John was sent home last week, while he remained in the competition. (Seriously, Koli?) Koli explains that since John has a family he has more to live for. (Talk about a lack of self-worth.) Bob is there to give Koli a quick pep talk and has him focused again.

Speed skater J.R. Celski talks to the contestants just before their first mini challenge. Celski shows them a huge scar above his knee caused by him slicing himself with the blade of his skates. Did I forget to mention that he competed in three Olympic sports a couple of months after the horrific accident?

Celski shows the contestants the challenge, which involves them having to glide across a slide board 500 times. (I immediately imagined the burning sensation the activity would cause my thighs.)

Anywho, Sam barely beats Melissa to win the mini challenge. Sunshine takes third place.

The main challenge was introduced by paralympian Kelly Underkofler, who is a cross-country skier. The challenge is a biathlon, which requires each contestant to run around a course and shoot at targets. The targets represent contestants. If the target representing that contestant is shot five times than that contestant is eliminated. The winner of this challenge receives immunity. (Are you with me?)

The challenge seems to go on forever. Finally two contestants emerge neck and neck. Surprisingly O'Neal and Darrell are the final two. I'm surprised because both have said they have knee problems. O'Neal winds up winning the challenge—and the immunity.

The last chance workout is introduced by pair figure skater Rockne Brubaker. Bob remarks that Brubaker looks more like a rugby player than a figure skater. (I'm not sure if Bob was insulting him or flirting with him. It was just an odd comment to make.)

The last chance workout is pretty brutal. (I was cringing a couple of times.) Michael, who is the biggest contestant left on the show, made me flinch when he completes an inclined handstand against the wall. O'Neal – bad knees and all—made my heart skip a beat when he attempts to do squats while balancing on half of a ball. Thankfully both contestants avoided injury.


At the final weigh-in Allison announces that the contestant with the lowest weight-loss percentage will immediately be sent home. The contestants will chose to eliminate one of the next two lowest contestants.  (Wow! A double elimination!)

O'Neal is immune so we really don't care about his 2.40 weight loss percentage. We do care about: Stephanie (1.78), Darrell (1.46), Sherry (1.67) and Cheryl (1.55).

But wait! Melissa, surprises everyone by actually gaining a pound! Bye, bye, mouthy, mean Melissa! She stands in front of the group stunned. Tears start streaming down her face as she tells her husband Lance that he is not allowed to come back home unless he weighs less than 250 pounds. She also tells the other contestants not to send home her husband. (Blah. Blah. Blah.)

Melissa embraces Bob, avoids Jillian, and Miggy, and kisses her husband her way out. During her update we find out that Melissa has lost 56 pounds. She says that she is now addicted to boxing training, and has encouraged her children to participate with her.

Allison immediately informs the remaining contestants that Darrell and Cheryl will have to compete in a competition to decide which one will remain.

In keeping with the Olympics theme, Darrell and Cheryl have to hold up a torch with what looks to be a metal cylinder object, balanced on top of their head. It requires them to remain in a slightly squatted position. If the metal object and the torch break contact then that contestant loses. Just before we get to see the outcome, the dreaded words: "To Be Continued" appear. Ugh! A cliffhanger!