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Cafe Azafran and what I'm doing in the Blizzard of '10

With all the excitement over snowmageddon, I forgot to link to Other Reviewer Richard's review of Cafe Azafran yesterday. This is a place I never would have known existed except for your comments on Dining@Large.

I particularly liked the fact that Richard didn't try to oversell the place, although he obviously enjoyed it. Too bad it's not a little bit more accessible. Like in the Sun building, for instance. ...

I told Editor Tim I was leaving when the first flake fell, and he needed to tell me when that was because he has a window and I don't. Unfortunately he didn't tell me until it was snowing heavily. However, it was snowing heavily but not sticking anywhere.


Question to ponder: How are we going to get 30 inches if it doesn't stick?

Maybe I can talk my husband into trekking through the vast, snowy wasteland to the Rotunda Cinemas for the 4:20 p.m. showing of Edge of Darkness, followed by a slice of pizza across the way at Casa Mia.


I want all of you to stop in at Casa Mia in the next week and buy a slice of pizza, or a Greek salad, or something from the nice guy who owns this place. He's really struggling.

Or maybe trying to support the Rotunda is a lost cause.

(Barbara Haddock Taylor/Sun photographer)