Ravens coach John Harbaugh just spoke with the media at the NFL Combine for close to 20 minutes, and during the end of his Q & A with reporters, he responded to a question about former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens by admitting the Ravens had been looking at him.

"I've always said I've got a lot of respect for T.O.," Harbaugh said. "He had a good year. We watched him on tape and he was very effective last year."


Why would the Ravens look at him on tape? Are they really interested in signing him?

"We're interested in T.O.," Harbaugh said. "We're interested in all the guys that can make our team better."

Harbaugh then told a story about how he and Jon Gruden, Jeff Fisher and Tom Coughlin were traveling back from Iraq last year and they randomly ran into Owens in an airport Burger King.

"We didn't ask for his autograph," Harbaugh joked. "But we did say hi, and kind of rekindled the relationship. I think he's a good guy and good player."

Harbaugh was the special teams coach with the Eagles during Owens two seasons in Philly, but he and Owens didn't have much interaction outside the "hands team" on kickoffs.

"He was respectful to the coaches and worked hard, and I think everybody had a pretty good relationship with him," Harbaugh said.

The Ravens tried to trade for Owens when the wide receiver was with the San Francisco 49ers, offering a second round pick in exchange for the mercurial wide receiver, but Owens refused to report to Baltimore -- in part because there was some dispute over whether the 49ers still retained his rights when his agent failed to file paperwork making Owens eligible for free agency. Before an NFL arbitrator could rule on a grievance filed by Owens and the NFLPA, the three teams worked out a deal where the 49ers sent a draft pick and a player to the Eagles and the Ravens had their second round pick returned.

This story last year written by Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports does a pretty excellent job of detailing the reasons why Owens isn't a great fit, not only in Baltimore, but anywhere.

It also has a fairly telling quote from an unnamed player about the controversy that erupted when Owens wrote in his autobiography "Catch This!" that he didn't want to play in Baltimore because Ozzie Newsome supposedly told his former agent, David Joseph, that Owens could be controlled because "sometimes a black man's got to be slapped." Newsome has repeatedly refused to address Owens comments.

"Do you think Ozzie would trade for him after that?" the player said. "Not after he [expletive] on Ozzie like that. Everybody in the organization knew it. He'll never have a job [in Baltimore]. He [expletive] on everybody. Whatever [Ravens coach and former Eagles assistant John Harbaugh] says about thinking Owens is a great player, Ozzie isn't going for that. Ozzie is calling the shots. T.O. called Ozzie out. He talked [expletive] about Ozzie. And Ozzie isn't going to trade for a player who called him out."