After last night's endless episode, seven of the Top 24 had been named for this season of American Idol.

There are 37 left and only 17 spots remaining.


First up is Janell Wheeler.  She was sure she messed up her chance after her last audition, but then she was in one of the lucky two rooms of the THREE ROOMS. Ellen DeGeneres draws it out goofily, but in the end, Janell is in the Top 24.

70s rocker Tyler Grady joked with the judges after singing "Home" for his last audition song, saying that he hoped they wouldn't take the "I'm goin' home" lyrics too literally. Tyler says he is a fan of Led Zeppelin and Roger Daltry. Anyway, he is in.

Lacey Brown made the long walk to the judges last season and almost made it into season eight. She has a really gracious attitude, saying you can't let nos get you down, you need to turn them into yeses. She also says she thinks they made the right choice last season. Now, apparently, she is ready: She's in.

Ashley Rodriguez, Alex Lambert and Joe Munoz all get happy news, but not long clips.

Crystal Bowersox, the laid-back, dreadlocked rocker with the amazing voice, heads down to talk to the judges. She's in. Good. It would have been ridiculous if she hadn't been.

So that's 14 of the Top 24.

Katie Stevens, the teen who helps take care of her grandmother, who has Alzheimer's, finally gets to hear her fate. Ellen says the worst thing in the world for her is to deliver bad news ... but she is going through to the Top 24. I wish they wouldn't draw it out like this.

Finally, some bad news: That one girl with the giant annoying glasses, the hyper dude from one of the two groups that did Lady Gaga ... and these other two people who had gotten no screen time all get cut.

Angela Martin is the woman who has tried out two other seasons. Her first year, her father was killed, but Shriner's Hospital heard about the problems she was having with her special needs daughter and stepped in to help. The second time, she had to spent six days in jail because she couldn't afford some court fees. On her way to see the judges, she is already crying. Kara goes to sit by her and tells her she is so special and has grown so much. She tells her that she actually did not make it, but they want her to keep trying, keep pushing because they think she's great. Seriously? Did they hear her sing "American Boy" last night? I almost feel like they cut her just to have a SHOCKING cut.

Lilly Scott has Jem hair and likes to wear textured stockings. Oh, and she can really sing. And she's in.

Paige Miles (who?), Siobhan Magnus, Michelle Delamor, Jermaine Sellers and John Park all find out they are in the Top 24. 

The last two girls are Haeley Vaughn and Tory Kelly.  Haeley is in, Tory is out.

Then, the last two guys: Andrew Garcia and Thaddeus Johnson.  Andrew makes it, Thaddeus does not. He cries, and they tell him he did a great job and didn't do anything wrong. He is perplexed and upset. Dude, you're 17. Come back next year. "They loved me ... well, they acted like they did. It was kind of fake." I am so glad I am not a teenager anymore. The ANGST! Andrew comes into the judging room, and we know he's in, but he doesn't. They don't draw it out too long and tell him he's in. He cries, too. But in a good way.

So what do you think about this Top 24? (By the way, here is a photo gallery of the finalists.)


Mostly I just feel bad for Angela Martin.