'American Idol' results: Who goes home?

As American Idol opens, we learn that 24 million votes were cast and we're reminded that four people are going home.

Ryan Seacrest asks Simon Cowell about "the buzz of the nation" that Simon was harsher than usual this week. Um, Ryan, it's because a lot of the performances were bad.


According to your votes on the poll on last night's recap, you think Tim Urban and John Park are in trouble, and voters on the poll from Tuesday night think Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown are most likely to go home. We'll see if you're right pretty soon.

But first, there's the group sing of "American Boy. And by group sing, I mean group lip sync.


After a break, some results. Siobhan Magnus is safe. Haeley Vaughn is, surprisingly, safe. Well, I guess realizing that she got a lot of back-story time, maybe it's not that big of a surprise. Michelle Delamor is safe, too. Katelyn Epperly is as well, leaving Katie Stevens and Janell Wheeler the last two standing in their row, and one of them is out.

And that person is Janell. I think she really sabotaged herself by interviewing so many times during Hollywood Week about how she had screwed up. That made her look like she lacked confidence, and it didn't play out well. Anyway, she gives her final performance, reprising Heart's "What About Love." She sounds better tonight than Tuesday.

Next, Allison Iraheta and her giant red and purple wig come out to perform their new song, "Scars."  She sounds good, but I don't understand why they have her going the ballad route instead of something rockier. She asks Ryan if they should have an awkward interview now, and then they do.

More results. Paige Miles is safe, Lacey Brown is, too. (So we're 0-for-2 on the women so far.) Lilly Scott is safe, as is Crystal Bowersox. This leaves Ashley Rodriguez and Didi Benami. Didi stays, and Ashley goes. She reprises "Happy," even though she's not.

Before the guys' results, we get to see a clip from rehearsal last night, in which Tyler Grady performed in boots, socks and a bathrobe. He says he showed up in his robe to be comfortable before they had to get ready, and then there was some confusion about the order of things. He thought he was going to wardrobe, but he was going to rehearsal. So bathrobe it was. If you think he looked funny working all the usual 70s rocker poses last night, well, it was even funnier in a robe and boots.

Michael Lynche is safe, John Park is too. Aaron Kelly? Safe. Todrick Hall is as well. This leaves Tim Urban and Joe Munoz. Tim is actually safe, and Joe Munoz is out. Tim is shocked. Joe reprises his performance.

Then Kris Allen returns to the stage (from last season ... not earlier this week). He performs "Let It Be" after talking with Ryan about Idol Gives Back's efforts in Haiti.

Back to the last of the results. Casey James = safe. Jermaine Sellers also safe. Lee Dewyze is too. Andrew Garcia joins the seated safe folks. This leaves Alex Lambert and Tyler Grady standing in the center of the stage. Alex is safe, and Tyler is cut. (Speaking of cut, the audio cuts out right then.) Anyway, Tyler tells Ryan that he feels like he didn't get much constructive criticism during Hollywood Week, so what they told him last night came too late. Sounds kind of whiny, but he might have a bit of a point.


So to recap, we've got Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez, Joe Munoz and Tyler Grady as the folks going home.

What do you think about the results? Weigh in in the comments or vote in the poll below.