It's group night of Hollywood Week on American Idol. It's supposed to mean drama! Intrigue!

But it kind of goes the same as it always does. Like so:


-- OMG, we have to split into groups! Can we be in your group? Oh, now we're not going to show up. You're fired! Oh wait, we can't separate.

-- We are just so fabulous that we keep getting asked to move. No, I said "fabulous," not "unnecessarily loud."

-- They are singing the same song as we are, so clearly they are stealing every single thing we do.

-- I hate this dance move!

-- You're being bossy!

-- This harmony is annoying.

-- It's 3 in the morning, and we want to sleep, but they are monopolizing the vocal coach. I hate them. We're so tired, and it's their fault!

-- It's morning, and we're so happy! Except for those of us who aren't.

-- Final dress rehearsal time, freakouts, screaming, people getting yelled at by the vocal coach, everyone forgetting words.

The only really exciting and different thing going on is Big Mike, whose wife is in labor. He gets called out of the room so he can be on the phone during the birth.

Then it's time to sing for the judges.

First is Faith, and the whole group (Charity Vance, Michelle Delamour and Nicole Rodriguez) gets through.

Team Awesome (Big Mike Lynche, Seth Rollins, Tim Urban and Michael Castro) sings and gets divided in two afterward. Mike and Tim make it through, but Michael and Seth (the father of the autistic son; we met him in Orlando) do not.

Neapolitan (who thinks Destiny's Wild has been ripping them off the whole time) sings "Bad Romance." They (Liz Rooney, Thaddeus Johnson, Jessica Cunningham, and a fourth person whose name I don't hear) perform, and Destiny's Wild is mad because they said they decided to do a capella first. Simon tells them they worked hard, Ellen says it was great. They all make it.


Destiny's Wild (Todrick Hall, Theri, Jareb Leiwer and Siobahn Magnus) then performs. Ellen says it was weird, since they are dressed like Cirque du Soleil, but they make it too.

Montage of people making it through.

The Mighty Rangers were having issues about whether to stay up or go to bed. Tori Kelly and Maddie Penrose stayed up. They remember their lyrics and make it through. Mark Labriola, Kimberly Kerbow and Danny Jones went to bed, and they forget the words and get cut. Yikes.

Phoenix, which has been having trouble making decisions since the beginning, loses a member right before it starts. She says she didn't want to humiliate herself. That leaves Ben Honeycutt, Jeff Goldlord, Moorea Masa and Jermaine Sellers. Kara tells them it felt like Survivor (aka desperate). Ben and Moorea get cut.

Montage of people messing up Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape." Why would you pick that? It has that crazy word-crammed chorus!

Then one group, Big Dreams, messes it up so bad that they all get cut.

Janell Wheeler, Jermaine Purifory and Casey James (Middle C) sing together, and they're fab. So are Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens, J.B. Ahfua and another dude (aka Three Men and a Baby) -- they all make the cut. It's driving me bonkers when they don't show all the people's names.

The Dreamers have been having a lot of drama (like half of that bulleted list above is about them). Mary Powers, Hope Johnson, Margo May (who is on some other planet), Alex Lambert and ... somebody perform. It's a total mess, especially Margo. Hope, Alex and Mary make it, but the other two do not.

Of the 96 who started the round, 71 make it through.  Next week, they get one last chance to sing and try to make their way into the Top 24.