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Wisdom from Miep Gies, who sheltered Anne Frank

As we mourn Miep Gies, it's worth reviewing some of the simple wisdom she imparted during her long, well-spent life. She did not exploit her brush with fame, and downplayed her role in sheltering Anne Frank's family and recovering the girl's diary. You can read her story in "Anne Frank Remembered." Here's a sampling of her words, taken from new reports and her family's website:

-- "Of course it's nice to be appreciated. But I only did my duty to my fellow man. I helped people in need. Anyone can do that, can't they?"

-- "Never lump entire groups of people together, everyone is an individual, making his own decisions. Even my own family members are not like me."

-- "Not many consider themself very talented or courageous and thus would refrain from helping endangered people. This is the reason that I want everyone to know that I am a very common and cautious woman and definitely not a genius or dare-devil. I did help like so many others who ran the same risk or more risk than me. It was necessary so I helped."