The Top 10 features missing from the White House iPhone app

I've downloaded the White House iPhone app. It's chock full of content, from ideas for modernizing government to photos of First Lady Michelle Obama's birthday party.

But the app, frankly, leaves me itching for more White House insight. Here are the top 10 features I hope the Obama administration adds in Version 2.0.

10) Transcripts and voice snippets of the Nixon tapes. Just for giggles at our fingertips. Include a share with Twitter/Facebook function, too, guys.


9) A play-by-play of Coakley's loss to Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race. Or just a link to FoxNews.

8) A Google map of Cheney's secret bunker locations and the stores, pizza joints, and gas stations within a 1-mile radius of each.


7) Celebrity glam photo galleries of guests at White House state dinners, including our favorite party crashers, the Salahis.

6) One of those thermometer charts (the kind you see for local PTA fundraisers) that shows how close we are (or not) to passing health care reform.

5) A live Webcam peering inside Guatanamo Bay and the Gitmo prisoners' lives. Lift the secrecy!

4) George W. Bush's iPod playlists.

3) Bill Clinton's favorite ringtones.

2) In the spirit of bipartisanship, include a feed of tweets from FakeRonReagan.

And, drumroll please, for #1:

1) The official White House iPhone iFart sound effect.


Do you have features that you'd like to see the Obama administration include in the White House app? Drop a note here!