Harbaugh is 2-for-2

The 2008 season was noteworthy for the rookie quarterbacks (Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan) and rookie coaches (John Harbaugh, Mike Smith, Tony Sparano) who made the playoffs.

The second time around, only Flacco and Harbaugh are going back, no small accomplishment.


Here are the two-year records, including playoffs, of those three coaches:

Harbaugh: 22-13


Mike Smith (Falcons): 20-13

Tony Sparano (Dolphins): 18-15.

There were three other coaches hired at some point in 2008. Here's that list:

Mike Singletary (49ers): 13-12

Jim Zorn (Redskins): 12-20 and gone

Tom Cable (Raiders): 9-19 and probably gone