Hey, bloggie buddies, thanks to the marketing folks at Baltimore Sun Media Group, I hold in my hot little hands two pairs of tickets to a Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's SuperPops concert and I'm giving them away free (with a tiny catch). The program is "Linda Eder's Judy Garland Songbook," the date is Friday Jan. 29, the place Meyerhoff Hall. The tickets are on the orchestra level.

Linda Eder, a Broadway singer/actress who won particular praise for her performance in the musical "Jekyll & Hyde," will sing this tribute to the incomparable Garland next week with the BSO, conducted by Jack Everly.

OK, now for that tiny catch. To ensure that folks with a true appreciation for Judy have the best shot, I figured a few trivia questions would be in order. So, the first two readers who provide correct responses here to all three questions in the comment section of this post will each win a pair of tickets. (Check the comments field later to see if you're a winner and send me an e-mail at tim.smith@baltsun.com to retrieve the tickets. Your address will not be published.)


OK, here are the trivia questions and a chance to win the prize of a lifetime:

UPDATE: We have our winners, which you'll see in the comments section. Congratulations to Rachel and Greg. Don't fret, the rest of you. There will be more thrilling, possibly life-altering contests soon.

1) What was Judy Garland's real name?

2) An iconic scene of Judy singing "Get Happy" in a black hat, the top half of a tuxedo jacket and fishnet stockings was used in the finale of "Summer Stock." But the costume was originally created for her to sing a different song in another musical, a song that was cut because the costume style didn't fit the rest of the picture. What was that earlier musical? (For extra credit: What was the deleted song? You won't win additional tickets if you answer this part, but you will enjoy unlimited refills at all Meyerhoff Hall drinking fountains.)

3) What song in "A Star is Born" was filmed multiple times with different dress styles and in two different formats (CinemaScope and WarnerScope) before Judy and director George Cukor were satisfied?

Good luck. And if you don't win these tickets, those Sun marketing folks have kindly provided me with more for quite a few BSO concerts later in the season, so stay tuned.