Here's an Orioles update from Dan Connolly:

Melvin Mora's 10-season stint with the Orioles is over, but it's still not known what is next for the 37-year-old third baseman.


Mora's agent, Eric Goldschmidt, said Monday that "three teams have a fair amount of interest in Melvin. It's a matter of balancing playing time with the competitive nature of the club and salary."

Goldschmidt wouldn't specify the teams involved, but two are in the National League and one in the AL. The Colorado Rockies reportedly were interested in December.

None of the teams that have expressed interested is in the AL East or NL East, which is where Mora originally had hoped to land so he could stay close to his wife and kids in Bel Air.

Goldschmidt said region isn't as important to Mora as playing time or going to a contender. Basically, Mora is in a holding pattern because he wants to see where he'll get the best opportunity to play. And with so many free agents still available, many rosters aren't set yet.

"He wants to be on a good team but he also wants to contribute on that team," Goldschmidt said. "He doesn't have to play every day. He knows he probably won't play every day. But he wants a complimentary type of role."

So it's a waiting game, one that could drag on throughout this month.

"There has to be a good balance, to be in a pennant race and maybe give him 300-something at-bats," his agent said. "And that's what I am trying to find."