Overheard at the Baltimore Convention Center: Somebody in Baltimore is looking to build a living wall on Pratt Street.

The Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show, known in the garden industry as MANTS, is in Baltimore this week and brings with it all that will be new and different at your garden centers this spring.

It is an industry trade show, not open to the gardening public, but your intrepid reporter for Garden Variety was there.


And the people at Plant Connection's booth, who built the extraordinary green wall in Pittsburgh, reported that someone from Baltimore was asking lots of questions about building the same kind of wall -- filled with plants -- as part of the redevelopment of the Pratt Street corridor in Baltimore.

Anthony Caggiano and Melissa Daniels designed and built the 85-foot-high, 30-foot-wide living wall on the side of the Pittsburgh National Bank Building in time for the G-20 Summitt that was held in Pittsburgh this fall.

The partners report that someone from Baltimore was asking lots of questions, but didn't leave a card. They weren't sure who they were talking to, but hope to talk to them again about a Baltimore project.

Garden Variety hopes so, too.

The Pittsburgh wall, which is watered from the top with a drip pan and with a catch basin at the bottom, was planted with golden sedge, creeping Jenny, ferns, sedum and ajuga, and is a stunning example of vertical landscaping.

And Michael Evitts from Baltimore's Downtown Partnership -- who was not the one asking the questions at MANTS, said such a structure would be ideal on the 100 Charles St. building or on the Little Italy parking garage at President and Pratt.

"But as you can understand, there isn't a lot of money for that right now."

Still not known: Who from Baltimore was asking about a living wall?