Baltimore church to pray for Woods, Obama

Baltimore's Mircale Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church and the Pray at the Pump Movement, which organized "vigils of hope" last summer, now are turning their attention to Tiger Woods.

And President Barack Obama, whom they identify as "also vulnerable to womanizing."


And also NFL quarterback Michael Vick; Gov. Mark Sanford of South Carolina, former Gov. Eliott Spitzer of New York; District of Columbia Councilman and former Mayor Marion Barry; movie star Mel Gibson and former Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho.

The church and the movement have scheduled an "URGENT CHRISTMAS PRAYER VIGIL" for Woods and the rest from 7:30 to 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church, at 100 South Rock Glen Road. The press release follows.


Baltimorians call for the world and especially the media to turn to the Bible and follow its principles of love as they deal with Tiger Woods sex scandal

Pray at the Pump Movement thinks that President Barack Obama is also vulnerable to womanizing and urges him to fast and pray like the prophets in the Bible did as he deals with the most serious problems of our nation

Book of Hope and Deliverance will be circulated for the public to sign and will be sent to Tiger Woods

Public and especially concerned Godly golfers are urged to stop by and pray for TigerThe greatest golfer in the world has fallen from the grace of humans, but not from the grace of God who still loves him dearly. About 100 members of the Miracle Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church, located at 100 South Rock Glen Road, Baltimore, Maryland and the Pray at the Pump Movement (PAPM) will drive this point home on this Wednesday evening, December 16 from 7:30 to 9:00 PM as they hold an Emergency Chirstmas Prayer Vigil for this true sports icon. These members want him to know that even though the entire world seems against him, that they care about him as he desperately tries to hold his family together in accordance with God's word. Those gathered say that we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God and urge the critical public to show compassion for Tiger as well as other celebrities who fall from grace. Dr. Errol Stoddart, who is pastor of the progressive congregation and an avid golf fan, will preach about the need for the public to wrap their arms around Tiger during this moment of disgrace. He points to a number of individuals in the Bible such as Abraham, David and Solomon who became victims of worldly lust, but whom God forgave. If God can forgive us, we should be able to forgive others. Stoddart hopes to use his years of marriage counseling to deal with this horrific situation.

The Pray at the Pump Movement will circulate a Book of Hope and Deliverance for those present to sign. The good wishes will be sent directly to the Tiger Woods Foundation and hopefully Tiger will read them. The group is working on an online petition of support for the golf star. PAPM has constantly emphasized that the public should show compassion for stars who are nothing more than human beings that the public has placed on lofty pedestals. They organized vigils of hope when Michael Jackson, the King Of Pop died. Twyman stated that people almost totally forgot that he gave more money to charity than any other star including Oprah. Tiger's Foundation has been a pivotal force in helping and inspiring children in low income neighborhoods. Twyman suggest that Woods use the time off with his family to contemplate how he can better use the wealth that God has blessed him with to help Americans who are losing their homes and jobs at an alarming rate. PAPM calls upon the country to pray for these celebrities who have lost their way such as Michael Vick; Governors Sanford and Spitzer; DC's Marion Barry; Hollywood star Mel Gibson: Senator Craig and a host of other political and entertainment celebrities. PAPM thinks that the higher a person goes, the more they must depend upon God for their stability. With his economic policies failing and unemployment at staggering high levels, Twyman is calling on Obama to turn more to God and prayer and less to the wisdom of his human council of economic advisers. The group is lobbying to urge Obama to hold an ecumenical prayer vigil/Summit for this battered economy at The White House similar to the recent jobs summit. "Obama is just a man, like Tiger Woods, that God has richly blessed, says Twyman. At some point, both must come to the realization that God and not man is Supreme. It was God that arranged events so that Obama could win the Nobel Peace Prize after being in office for only 11 days. We saw the power of prayer as the gas prices started coming down when we organized pray circles at gas pumps all over the country. Both Tiger and Obama who is also vulnerable to womanizing will only be able to succeed as they focus on prayer and fasting just like the prophets of old did when things got rough. Our prayers are with Tiger during this hour of trial."