Standing alone on the sideline Sunday in the waning minutes of his team's 48-3 butt-whipping at the hands of the Ravens, with M&T Bank Stadium nearly empty and rain still falling from the dishwater-gray skies, Lions coach Jim Schwartz was as forlorn-looking as I've ever seen a man.

The Baltimore guy, a Mount St. Joe's grad, looked like he'd aged 10 years since the opening kickoff.


You know how President Barack Obama's hair is now flecked with gray after just a year of dealing with the awesome responsibilities of his office? Well, Schwartz's hair will be as white as Santa Claus if the Lions keep losing like this.

It didn't get any easier for the likeable Schwartz when the game was over and he had to face the Detroit media.

Asked what he would say to the people back in Detroit who felt the Lions had quit, he replied: "First of all, I'd applaud them if they watched to the very end."


Schwartz was then asked to assess how prepared his team was to play, and again he was brutally honest.

"I thought they were. It wasn't like our guys didn't want to show up today. We got our butts kicked on the field. It was what happened after the first whistle blew. It wasn't what happened before."

The guy sounded beaten and drained.

You talk about what a year in the Oval Office can do to a man.

Apparently a year coaching the Lions can do pretty much the same thing.