Tonight's So You Think You Can Dance results show opens with a Sonya Tayeh group number that is ... typical her. Colorful outfits, wacky moves, etc. Ashleigh is still not dancing, which is not a good sign.

Then there is a segment where Samantha Ronson, the DJ who did a bunch of the remixes for last night's dances and today's group dance, met the dancers a few weeks ago. She is a well-known DJ, but she's probably best known for being Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend. Strike that "probably."


Results time comes quickly. Russell is safe. Legacy is in danger. Jakob joins Russell in the safe zone, and Ryan learns he is in danger.

Then, it's the women's turn. Kathryn is the first to learn she's safe. Ellenore, however, is in danger. (Anybody else thinking her and Legacy's fate here tonight is Nappytabs' fault?)  Ashleigh, despite having not been able to perform last night, is safe, and Mollee is in danger. That is pretty shocking, since, as Adam Shankman points out, last night featured her best performances ever. Then he talks a lot and Cat eventually has to tell him to stop talking.

While the folks in danger prepare for their solos (the solos that don't mean anything), we see a performance from "Asia's No. 1 Pop Group," the Wonder Girls.

Legacy's solo is much better than last night's -- and doesn't feature the joke about America calling on the phone he used as a prop, which I think didn't make him look that great. The other soloists perform, too. I don't get why some do different solos on results night and some don't.

Before we hear the final results, Kris Allen (remember? The guy who actually won the last season of American Idol?) performs. He's pretty good, but I don't think people are going to be talking about it like they are about Adam Lambert. Kris is probably OK with that.

Ellenore is safe, and Mollee is cut. Poor Mollee. I thought she was finally looking like a grown-up dancer! She cries, but she is going to be just fine, career-wise, I think. Then it's the guys' turn. Ryan is going on to the final, and Legacy is cut. Sad, but he's going to be just fine, too.

What do you think about the results?