A bit of Baltimore in Golden Globe nominations

There is bit of happy local news in the Golden Globe nominations announced today: "Modern Family," the new ABC sitcom directed by Baltimore native Jason Winer, was one of the shows singled out as a contender in the category best comedy or musical. And it is part of a very good field of nominees.

You can read my "Sun" interview with Winer and preview of the series here. The Baltimore Friends School grad also serves as an executive producer on the series, which is my favorite new network comedy or drama of the season.


Here's the competition in musical/comedy category: The Office (NBC), Glee (Fox), Entourage (HBO) and 30 Rock (NBC). If the Emmys are any indication, 30 Rock is a lock. But still, it is an honor for a new show to make that list.

Beyond the musical/comedy category and the obvious inclusion of Fox's "Glee," there is not much of a difference between the TV Globes nominations and last year's Emmys.


In drama, it is: Mad Men (AMC), Big Love (HBO) , Dexter (Showtime), House (Fox) and True Blood (HBO).

The split among cable and network in that category is representative with cable swamping network TV. HBO led all TV nominations with 17 -- almost three times the top network, Fox, with 6.

Another Baltimore native, Julie Bowen, plays a leading role in "Modern Family," and she has received nothing but good reviews.

UPDATE: And even though feature films are not part of my beat, let's not forget the nomination for Baltimore's "Mo'Nique for "Precious." Talk about rave reviews. I did profile Mo'Nique back in 1999 out in California when she was starring in "The Parkers" on the old UPN.

I hung out on the set and got to know her a little. I thought she was a major talent and a terrific person. Glad to see her have this kind of artistic acclaim. She worked hard, and she deserves it.