Terrell Suggs, as expected, won't play this week against the Colts. Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Suggs has a sprained ligament in his right knee, which he suffered when Browns quarterback Brady Quinn hit him low after throwing an interception in Monday's 16-0 win.

"He's out this week, that's the ruling that we know," Harbaugh said. "It's got to heal on its own. There is no procedure that can be done. We'll just see how it goes."


Suggs didn't speak with the media today, but he did limp down the hallway from the locker room to the lunchroom wearing a heavy brace on his knee. When teammate Ray Rice asked Suggs how he was doing, the linebacker just shook his head, which said plenty about his status and his state of mind. Although the Ravens are only ruling him out for this week's game at the moment, the sense is the injury will keep him out for several weeks.

The NFL apparently fined the Browns second-year quarterback "a good amount" according to him, but he did not disclose how much. Quinn once again apologized for the hit, which came seconds after he was intercepted by Ravens cornerback Chris Carr.

"Again, I'm apologizing to him and the rest of the team," Quinn said. "I wasn't trying to go for him. I was trying to go for the ball-carrier. Unfortunately, a thing like that can happen. I'm praying for him. Hopefully he'll be alright."

He said he understood why the Ravens were angry about what happened.

"Yeah, I can see why they'd be upset, but again, I mean, he wasn't even in my vision. I was trying to get to the ball. He cut across my face as I was already trying to jump down for the tackle."

Harbaugh said he didn't think Quinn was trying to hurt Suggs, but that didn't total erase what happened either.

"I was disappointed," Harbaugh said. "I don't think Brady Quinn is the type of guy who goes out and tries to hurt anyone. He's a class kid, always has been. But that's an illegal block. The reason it's illegal is because it causes injuries. There is no reason to do that, and we're disappointed with that."

Ray Lewis, who was critical of Quinn after the game, didn't soften his opinion when asked if he still felt the same way about the hit.

"Respect the game the way the game is supposed to be played," Lewis said. "I understand what Brady Quinn is saying after the fact. But when you go diving at a man's knee when he doesn't even have the football? Whatever. You penalize us as defensive players so much for doing our jobs, and then you see someone not doing his job, just spearing a man's knee? That ain't good football. You can't just apologize and say 'Oh, I didn't mean to do it.' People don't realize that's life changing. That's someone's career. There is no dollar amount on losing someone like [Suggs]. So to lose a man on a play that's not within the rules of the game? That hurts."