Wade and Amanda Robson are, of course, responsible for the drop-dead amazing group number that opens tonight's So You Think You Can Dance results show. It's awesome -- the dancers portray statues in a museum who go a little bananas. Love it!

Abruptly, it's time for some results: Ashleigh and Jakob are, duh, safe. Kevin and Karen are, duh, in danger. Ryan and Ellenore are also safe, and so are Russell and Noelle. Channing and Victor are, however, in the bottom three. This leaves Mollee and Nathan and Kathryn and Legacy. Kathryn and Legacy are safe, so Mollee and Nathan are the third couple in danger.


Next, there's a performance by MD and Bollywood Productions -- tons of fun, of course!

Then the solos begin. Karen is first. She brings back the sexuality that was missing from her Broadway performance last night, but that's about all that's there. I'm thinking she's probably out. Kevin has more content, but it takes him a little while to get started. Channing continues her theme of being uncaged and lets it all out during her solo. Victor, too. Tons of turns! Mollee is ready and brings an amazing amount of energy to the stage. Same with Nathan. The last two, though, have moves that I have to rewind a couple of times and go, "Was that on purpose?" Nigel points out that they haven't ever seen anything like Mollee's cartwheel onto her knee -- so yes, that was.

The musical guest to take up some time while the judges deliberate is Orianthi, who's played guitar with Carlos Santana and Carrie Underwood, among others. Now she's going for a solo career. We'll see how that goes.

The women in danger are up first. Nigel says they are unanimous on both decisions. He tells Mollee that she proved tonight that she can dance like a woman and proved what "dancing for your life" means. She's safe. He tells Channing and Karen that this is about performance and technique. He says that Channing's personality hasn't been coming out much until lately, and that Karen is a performer as well as a star. So Karen is staying and Channing is out. Bummer. I thought Karen's solo was pretty substandard.

Guys' turn. Nigel tells Nathan he learned "a hell of a lesson" this week and tonight he proved himself. He's safe. He tells Victor that his solo was strong, though he needs to not just turn-turn-turn (OK, he says pirouette). To Kevin, he says he always seems like he feels a little uncomfortable and though he is growing just by doing the routines, he isn't at the same standard as the other two. So Kevin is out, and Victor is safe.

I'm not shocked by that result since Victor and Nathan were so strong.

What do you think about the results?

Me, I'm off to watch Glee with the bonus of songs (or at least a song) by the Police. Wheeeee!