The actual interviews have yet to even air, but already the Sarah Palin spin-o-rama is in high gear.

In the excerpt released from the Oprah Winfrey interview that airs Monday, Palin tries to re-write the script of her ill-fated interview last year with Katie Couric, anchor and managing editor of the the "CBS Evening News with Katie Couric."


Now comes an excerpt from her interview with Barbara Walters that is scheduled to start airing Tuesday on ABC's "Good Morning America" and appear all over the ABC schedule straight through to "20/20" on Friday night. Palin, who is indeed the big November sweeps attraction this week on American TV, tries in this conversation to re-write the script on how she and the Republican Party received and handled the news of the teen pregnancy of her daughter, Bristol. Again, Palin tries to re-write another part of her story that didn't play so well -- and blame any and all mistakes on others.

According to ABC News, Palin tells Walters didn't know her daughter was sexually active.

"That's why I was shocked," Palin tells Walters in the interview. "Truthfully, we were devastated."

Palin announced that her daughter, who was then a high school senior, was pregnant in September 2008. It was shortly after Palin accepted the offer from presidental candidate John McCain to become the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Here's an AP descriptiion of how Palin handles that in her book: "Palin shares behind-the-scene moments when the nation learned her teen daughter Bristol was pregnant, how she rewrote the statement prepared for her by the McCain campaign — only to watch in horror as a TV news anchor read the original McCain camp statement, which, in Palin's view, glarmorized and endorsed her daughter's situation."

See, it was the fault of McCain and his aides that it looked as if she endorsed and glamorized the pregnancy of her unwed teen daughter.

AP also has her saying ABC newsman Charles Gibson, seemed bored by "substantive issues" in her early interview with him -- the first interview that exposed the gaping holes in her grasp of national politics. Remember the question about the "Bush Doctrine"? But it was all his fault, because he "peered skeptically" over his glasses at her like a disapproving schoolmaster.

And, of course, there's more on Couric interview, which will haunt Palin to her grave if she spins non-stop every day for the rest of her life.

Here is thre AP's description of what in her book: "She writes at length about Couric. She says that the idea to meet with Couric came from McCain campaign aide Nicolle Wallace, who told Palin that Couric — also a working mother — liked and admired her. It would be a favor to Couric, too, whom Palin notes had the lowest ratings of the network anchors. Wallace said Couric suffered from low self-esteem. And Palin replied that she almost began to 'feel sorry' for Couric."

I'll bet she didn't feel sorry for Couric after she started reading the reviews of their encounter.

From AP: "She alleges that Couric and CBS left out her more 'substantive' remarks and settled for 'gotcha' moments. She writes that Couric had a 'partisan agenda' and a condescending manner. Couric was 'badgering,' biased and far easier on Couric's Democratic counterpart, Joe Biden."

Spin, baby, spin. I can't wait for the TV interviews to begin airing Monday.