Prediction Friday: Ravens-Bengals

Before we get to the Ravens today, I have some Orioles info to pass on., an online gambling site, set its odds for winning next year's World Series, and the Orioles are 75-1 longshots. The only clubs worse off are the Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Nationals. They are all at 100-1 to win the 2010 title.


So, yeah, aren't you glad it's Prediction Friday and we have the Ravens to discuss?

(By the way, here's a drink chip to CSB Jack, who predicted the exact score of the Ravens' 30-7 victory over the Broncos. Of course, he cheated and submitted it after the fact while the bar was closed. But I am offering a chip anyway for his creativity.)


Now, for your predictions (you must submit before the Bengals' game, Jack).

For the record, I will not be overlooking the Bengals the way I did in Week 5, when Cincinnati won in Baltimore, 17-14. But I am still going with the Ravens to win.

I am sticking with the same theory I had for the Broncos game (though I didn't write it). The Ravens need this win more than the Bengals. If they lose, they drop two games behind Cincinnati and also will lose the head-to-head tiebreaker.

The Ravens aren't talking about desperation, which admittedly is a bit of a stretch at Game 8. But this one is pretty darn important.

So I say the Ravens win 17-10 on a Kelley Washington 23-yard TD reception from Joe Flacco in the fourth quarter.

We'll make Washington the game's hero. Why? No clue.

Daily Think Special: Predict the winner, score and hero of Sunday's Ravens-Bengals game.