Poll : What are you feeling as 'Jon & Kate' ends?

I have learned to never say never when it comes to TLC, but this could be our last "Jon & Kate Plus 8" show Monday night. So, of course, we have to have a poll.

Here it is: What are you feeling as "Jon & Kate Plus 8" comes to an end? A lot of folks here wanted to get those poor kids off TV. It looks like that is the case. After Monday, "Jon & Kate" is kaput, and TLC now says "Kate Plus 8" is not in production. So, the kids are off TV -- at least for now.


As for Kate's alleged show, who cares? If she needs an earpiece and real-time coaching to be interviewed by Natalie Morales, do you think she can handle hosting her own show? So, what are you feeling about all that and the fact that we won't have Jon and Kate in our TV lives after Monday -- at least for now?

(Keep reading for news about our Monday night coverage. There has been a change in our live chat plans.)


I have a second alternate question if you don't like the "feeling" one: What do you think Jon and Kate will say in their separate talks to the camera Monday? If you like both questions, answer them both in one or more comments.

Now, here's the deal on Monday night. If we live chat, it is hard to write aa  full review of the show. Also, there are problems with getting some of the other folks involved in live chat (like Carla) involved because of their other work duties at the "Sun."

So, I am going to watch Monday night and review right after the show, as I have always done. As soon as Kelly sends her comments Monday night, I will add that to my post, so you have them both as we did last week. Kelly's involvement has been great.

Then, we will do a live chat at noon Tuesday. Everyone will be revved up to talk about the finale on the morning after, and this will be a great venue for it. Trying to do it at the end of a long day and watch at the same time doesn't sound as appealing as this plan does to me.

So, post-show coverage Monday night from me and Kelly, and live chat Tuesday. Let's have some real fun with this the poll, Monday night's coverage and Tuesday's live chat.

And I really think many of you have made a difference in getting the Gosselin kids off the air with your dedicated blogging and analysis. Thanks.