Owl Meat Gravy has come up with a great bar discussion topic. Personally, I'd love to have a beer with George Martin or David Bowie. Take it away, Owlie:

I have a test that I call the Tony Danza test. It basically divides people into whether or not you would like to have a beer with them.

Tony Danza? Sure. Do I imagine that I would have a lot to talk to him about? No, but he he seems beer-worthy. It doesn't have to be a beer. It could be anything.
Hillary Clinton? Pass. Bill Clinton? Hell yeah. Keith Richards? You bet. Charlie Watts? No.
Today's game goes like this: Name someone alive or dead that you would like to hang out with and what you would do. I think dead people are the more interesting choice, but it's up to you.


Here are some examples that I collected from random people, ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime ...

Bob Marley: – Hang out with him, listen to him play, and hear his perspective on things now.
Leonardo da Vinci – So ahead of his time. Would like to pick his mind.
Bumper cars and cotton candy on the boardwalk with Mandy Moore.
Go back in time and tell an inventor such as Ben Franklin or da Vinci what was coming up.
Churchill for lunch, good speaker. Can hold his liquor.
Anna Nicole Smith for various carnal and pharmaceutical pleasures.
Sean Taylor, dead Redskins player, and go [pick up women].
Go back in time and hang with King Leonidas and kill huge tigers.
Golf with Bernie Mack.
I would like to run around Italy with Keats, the Shelleys, and Byron. Marvelous picnics in Arcadia.
Wine Pong with Jesus.
Have tea with Sherlock Holmes and help him solve mysteries.
Lee Harvey Oswald – So what really happened?
Lunch with Kim Jong Il, maybe take in a movie. Hey, there are very few crazy dictators left.
People always surprise me with this sort of thing, in a good way. The formula quickly deviated into time travel and consorting with fictional beings. Who am I to control your fantasy? Hitler, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Leonardo da Vinci were mentioned multiple times.

So Midnight Sunners, who would you like to hang with and what would you do?

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