Some developments to look for this week, not all of them on the field...

Monday: Athletic Director Debbie Yow said she plans to attend the Monday meeting of the football team to thank the players for their efforts as they prepare for Boston College. This will occur about a week before she sits down with coach Ralph Friedgen at a meeting to discuss his future.


I get the sense this meeting will be wide-ranging. Lots to talk about, right? Won-loss records, number of postseason appearances, ticket sales, direction of the team, players' academic performances, Fridge's fund-raising and image, recruiting and more.

I've talked to a half-dozen boosters who have said they knew of no private efforts to raise money to buy out his contract. Of course, they can't rule out that the university might come up with the funds on its own if Friedgen were let go.

I'm not invited to the meeting, by the way.

Tuesday: Quarterback Chris Turner (knee) may be able to practice. He could try to play Saturday in what would be his final college game.

Here's the weird part: until Saturday, you'd have thought Turner gave the Terps the best chance to win. He still has experience and poise and toughness, of course. But mobile Jamarr Robinson was so much better reading the defense against Florida State than he was against Virginia Tech. Of course, Florida State's defense isn't quite as fierce as the Hokies'.

I'm guessing Turner, if healthy, gets the start as thanks for his career. But it sure would be tempting to play Robinson given his perfornance against the 'Noles and the fact that you want him to continue to develop for next season.Thursday: Everybody eats turkey and watches NFL mismatches (Packers-Lions, Cowboys-Raiders) plus Giants-Broncos.

Saturday: Terps vs. Boston College. How desperately do Fridge and his guys want to end the season on a winning note?

On a scale of 1-10, the correct answer is "14."