Which 2008 Raven does this year's team miss the most?

Now that Ravens fans are a bit on the disgruntled side, there has been a whole lot of remorse getting tossed around the bar.

Usually we save that kind of second-guessing for old flames at 1 a.m. But I'll indulge you all today.


The Ravens broke up their long-term relationships with several players/personnel last offseason.

The list of those hitting the road included linebacker Bart Scott, kicker Matt Stover, defensive back Jim Leonhard and defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, among others.


Each name has been brought up in the last few days, with that "I never should have dumped him" tone.

You could argue the Ravens could use all of them back here. But which one do they miss the most? Is there someone else from the 2008 team that they need right now?

Sure, some left on their own accord, others the Ravens chose not to re-up. Point is, they aren't here anymore.

It's time to cry in your beer over spilled milk.

Daily Think Special: Which 2008 Raven does this year's team miss the most?