Local rocker Elise Major featured on new iPhone app "Tap Tap Revenge 3"

How's this for hometown love: The brand new iPhone and iPod Touch app "Tap Tap Revenge 3" features a song by Baltimore-rocker Elise Major.

Released yesterday, the app is modeled after games such as "Guitar Hero" -- you tap the screen with your thumbs to play along with the song. I love the instructions the phone gives:


"Tap the balls as they cross the tap zone at the bottom of the screen."



Before I tried playing Elise Major's track, "Green," I called up Elise, and asked her if she'd tried the game yet.

"I'm so lame," she said. "I don't have an iPhone, so I don't know. I want to see what level my song is going to be on. It better be on hard, because it's hard for me (to play)."

Earlier today, iPhone wizard (and books blogger) Nancy Johnston downloaded the $.99 app so we could try it out ...

Once you install "Tap Tap Revenge 3," you can buy songs to play on it or select from a few free songs. Thankfully, "Green" was one of the free ones.

Playing along with Elise Major's song wasn't easy at all. "Green," is listed under the Extreme difficulty level. 

Nancy played the first half of the song, and I played the second half. It was pretty tough, but we somehow ended up with 81 percent accuracy rate (yeah!) and a longest streak of 30.

Elise's label, Ingrooves, helped get "Green" on the game, she said. She hopes it will help get her music some more exposure.

"I'm excited," she said.

(Thanks to jmgiordano for this photo, and for the tip)